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“Same as Everything. Reps.”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Uncovers the Trick to Keeping Up With a Diet

Radha Iyer

“Same as Everything. Reps.”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Uncovers the Trick to Keeping Up With a Diet

It’s not easy to embark upon a fitness journey in today’s day and age, where every kind of junk food is available easily. But Arnold Schwarzenegger being one of the torchbearers for people who wish to be healthy by any means devised a mental trick for it.

Organizing Q&A sessions in his fitness app, he often invites readers to ask questions and doubts about fitness, diet, careers, or anything troubling them. This time, one of the users needed Arnold’s assistance with their diet since they struggled to keep up with it.

The user was perplexed since they couldn’t stick to their diet plan no matter what despite being able to pull off their daily exercises with ease. This had them in a sticky situation, and Schwarzenegger stepped in to help them out.

The first thing the former Mr. Olympia focused on was explaining diet plans in terms of exercise since that worked for the user. A simple comparison between food habits and workout routines was all it took.


“It’s the same as everything. Reps. Everytime you say you’re sticking to your healthy food and not eating that croissant, it’s a rep.”

Another significant point that Schwarzenegger made was to cut down on the habit of beating oneself up. Fitness journeys were not an easy path, and discouragement would only cause the individual to fall behind.

“No beating yourself up, period. You get back and you do another rep of making the right choices as fast as you can.”

This principle of doing reps in the form of various activities has been Schwarzenegger’s go-to technique for self-improvement. Previously, he talked about another kind of reps he performed outside of his gym to enrich his social life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger values social connections with a special activity

Human beings are social creatures, and Schwarzenegger has always valued his connections and friends. Despite not being tech-savvy, he makes sure to stay in touch with his friends whenever he gets the opportunity.

He recently spoke about his meeting with good friend and fellow Hollywood icon Tom Arnold in his newsletter. Despite their schedules and several hurdles, Schwarzenegger highlighted the importance of “doing the reps” to stay connected. This step alone gave him the social payout he craves in friendships and precious relationships.

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