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7-Time Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils the Secret of ‘How to Control Your Afternoon Hunger’

Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

76-Year-Old Bodybuilding Icon Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals 'The Right Foods' to ‘Improve Your Gut Health Significantly’

While consuming food is required to remain healthy throughout the day, feeling hungry at odd times is not a good sign for health. To find a solution to this problem, former bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast Arnold Schwarzenegger has come up with the perfect answer in his recent newsletter.

The champion bodybuilder has shared his opinion in the section on ‘how to control your afternoon hunger’ in his newsletter. Before diving deeper into the matter, Arnold asked his followers: Do you frequently find yourself starving at lunch or later in the evening?

Schwarzenegger states that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Backed by scientific data, Arnold cites that the best way to control afternoon food cravings is by having a protein-filled first meal. Hence, starting your day with the right type of food is essential to controlling your starvation in the middle of the day.

“Research suggests that adding more protein to your first meal helps you manage hunger later in the day.” 

In the study, scientists looked at the eating and exercise habits of nearly 10,000 people. It was found that those participants who consumed a low-protein breakfast ate more food at their next meal. However, what was interesting here is that it wasn’t how much they ate that mattered; instead, what they ate made the difference.

“The researchers found that people who eat high-protein breakfasts eat fewer foods high in saturated fat, sugar, and salt. And they consumed fewer servings of grains, vegetables, legumes, fruit, and dairy.” 

Arnold further mentions that, in both conditions, i.e., low and high protein, the first meal of the day had fewer calories out of all the meals in a day. In conclusion, scientists found that those who consumed more protein experienced less hunger. They also ate better kinds of food during the day. 

“If you want to manage your hunger, the research suggests that eating more protein and fiber and fewer ultra-processed foods is the most effective approach without being overly restrictive with your food choices.” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger once unveiled how a good night’s sleep impacts your appetite

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a stickler and endorses the best practices for his followers to keep fit. The star has never shied away from repeating how a good night’s sleep is significant for overall well-being. In a previous edition of his newsletter, the 7-time Mr. Olympia added more science-backed reasons to this list to convey why one must be well-rested. 

He pointed out how erratic sleepers go all out while eating their breakfast. Based on a scientific study, he pointed out a link between sleep and appetite control. As per ‘Effects of sleep restriction on food intake and appetite under free-living conditions: A randomized crossover trial,’ not getting adequate sleep can have serious consequences. 

An individual who undersleeps and gets only 5 hours of sleep will experience more hunger pangs and cravings. In addition to this, there will also be volatile hormone changes, resulting in sugar cravings. Therefore, he advised a good night’s sleep as a priority on one’s well-being to-do list. 

The Austrian Oak also offered a few tips to his followers on how to get good and early sleep. He suggests avoiding caffeine, following a consistent sleep routine, and setting up an environment that can aid in getting good sleep.

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