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“Spamming, Baiting and Lying”: Noel Deyzel Speaks Up Against Fitness Influencers Making False Promises With a Stern Message

Radha Iyer

“Spamming, Baiting and Lying”: Noel Deyzel Sounds Off Fitness Influencers’ False Promises With a Stern Message

With the fitness industry taking over social media, various influencers have resorted to talking about workouts, diets, and physiques on short-form content platforms. However, this has also led to an information overload and more chances of misleading advice posted as rage baiting. Fitness icon Noel Deyzel recently issued a warning addressing the issue.

Deyzel has often made waves across the internet for his father-figure-esque image. Along with workout and nutrition tips, he would also throw in life advice to push fitness enthusiasts to be better. This time, however, he had a stern message for fans to watch out for misinformation and for influencers to stop indulging in such practices.

The video featured Deyzel sitting and talking to the camera with a serious face. He called out fitness influencers and highlighted how millions of people looked up to them. Being an online celebrity carried a bunch of responsibilities and demanded accountability from the person. Therefore, promoting problematic products or giving out half-baked information could lead to serious consequences.

With young minds all over various social media apps, a small act of wrongdoing carries serious ramifications. Being a fellow fitness influencer, Deyzel did not want to witness his beloved arena turn into a field for clout harvesting.


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“I really don’t want to paint anyone in a negative light. But the last thing I want is the industry to swing even harder in the direction of spamming, baiting, and lying for profit.”

On the plus side, researching and general buyer-beware practice has often been the saving grace for many fitness enthusiasts, who also call out phony influencers. Referring to such people, Deyzel pointed out that hiding the truth from the audience would only lead to trust issues. Influencers have a significant hold on the masses, and if they utilized that power correctly, they could make a significant difference.

“Do you understand the impact that you can have on the world if you could use that correctly?”

Deyzel is one of the few fitness influencers who has successfully managed to not only lead his followers on the right path of their workout journey but has also created a fun environment around it. Colloquially called ‘Daddy Noel’, his hunky form, raspy voice, and comforting video aesthetics have built a niche following. When he is not preaching about guilt-free ways to eat food, he draws several compliments for his physique from fans.

Noel Deyzel stuns at a recent rodeo event

Deyzel recently took time off from his gym to attend a rodeo show in Fort Worth, Texas. The Cowtown Coliseum organized a bunch of cattle sports, including bullfighting, horse riding, and so on.

Donning a cowboy hat and a country costume, the bodybuilder took the internet by storm with his new avatar. Many fitness enthusiasts appreciated his look and expressed their surprise at his humongous physique. While experiencing a horse riding session may not be in the books for him right now, Deyzel surely knew how to tune up the fun country style.

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