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Hafthor Bjornsson Grabs Eyeballs for Insane Recovery Since Horrifying Pec Tear

Radha Iyer

Hafthor Bjornsson Grabs Eyeballs for Insane Recovery Since Horrifying Pec Tear

Hafthor Bjornsson has been the Strongman GOAT for the longest time, and rightfully so. Towering well over six feet and embodying a mountain, he does justice to his silver-screen character with his immense strength. But even the mightiest have faced falls, and his dip came after a personal record attempt went horribly wrong a year ago. Now, with an epic comeback, some jaw-dropping feats, and his stellar performance at the Arnold Strongman Classics, Bjornsson’s recovery over the year has been awe-inspiring.

The official page of the Arnold Sports Festival posted a before and after collage of Bjornsson, comparing his state during injury versus his signature deadlift at the Arnold Strongman Classic in Ohio. The difference between the two pictures was just as shocking as his lift.

In April 2023, Bjornsson had been livestreaming some of his workouts and wanted to attempt a PR bench press of 556 lbs. All hell broke loose when he heard a pop in his chest, and excruciating pain surged through his body.

All of this was captured on livestream while he and his team attempted to recover from the accident. This was Bjornsson’s biggest injury of his career, and he spent months healing his muscles and regaining strength.

“April 2023: Tears pectoral muscle and undergoes surgery.”

However, his professional journey saw only ups from there, and he soon caught up with the champions. In October 2023, he announced his return to the arena and participated in the Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, Ohio. While he couldn’t grab the gold, he showed everyone why he was called the GOAT of the sport.

“March 2024: Deadlifts 1,006lbs on the Elephant Bar at the Arnold Classic with an all round impressive display & then places 2nd at the Arnold Classic UK two weeks later.”

Since then, Bjornsson has been on a roll, lifting and preparing for more competitions. He came back to win and did so as he thrived at multiple events at the Arnold Classic in Ohio and Birmingham.

Hafthor Bjornsson stuns the crowd with his strength feats

At the Arnold Classic UK, two weeks after he impressed everyone in Ohio, Bjornsson once again proved his worth. Closely tied with Canadian strongman icon Mitchell Hooper, he put up a tough fight in all the events, making it almost impossible to choose a worthy contender.

His USP was the Weight over Bar event, where his 6’9 height came in handy. The bar, set at a height of 19 feet, was no match to Bjornsson’s prowess, as he easily threw weights of 56 lbs over the bar, winning the event. The Icelandic athlete is truly one of a kind, and fans are eager to see him prosper in the sport.

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