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Nostalgic Hafthor Bjornsson Recalls Special Memory From a Sport He ‘Dedicated Two Years of His Life To’

Radha Iyer

Nostalgic Hafthor Bjornsson Recalls Special Memory From a Sport He ‘Dedicated Two Years of His Life To’

Hafthor Bjornsson had already made himself popular as a legendary strongman, even with his significant silver-screen appearances. Yet, he shifted gears a few years ago, trying different combat and strength sports after taking an extended break. Now that he has made an epic return to the strongman universe, he recalled his good old days as a boxing athlete with an old video.

The video was captured about two years ago and featured Bjornsson sparring with a fellow boxer in a training ring. Reminiscing about his sparring sessions that he never mentioned to his fans, he revealed how he would train for multiple rounds. Although his match with fellow strongman icon Eddie Hall was only supposed to last for six rounds, he wanted to ensure that his conditioning was top-notch.

Addressing the scenario from the video, Bjornsson confessed that his sparring partner hit him on the chin a day before shooting the video. Since he couldn’t retaliate then, he had requested his coach to let him train with the same partner again the next day. Recalling those exhilarating moments, Bjornsson wrote:

“I prepared myself and dedicated two years of my life to learn the art of boxing.”

While it was a playful revenge, it was evident how intimidating Bjornsson’s form was even back then. Sparring with the 6’9 ‘Mountain’ was no joke, even for the toughest athlete from the ring.

In 2022, after a prolonged beef between the two icons, Bjornsson and Hall decided to set things straight with a boxing match. While the former went on to win the 6-round match against his colleague, both won fans’ hearts with their terrific performance and stamina in the ring. Bjornsson revealed that the reason for his win that night might be his training technique.

“I would often spar a few guys at a time, few round with each for the total of 6,8 or 10 rounds. My boxing match was 6 rounds so my conditioning was on point on fight night.”

Fans expressed their surprise to see the strongman’s professional stance and technique. Although some pointed out that sparring wasn’t about revenge, many appreciated his footage from back in the day.

Strongman community hypes Hafthor Bjornsson over behind-the-scenes boxing match glimpse

The reactions from the community ranged from conveying shock to complimenting his moves. Many pointed out how Bjornsson could still return to the sport if he wanted to.

“…you did and got some great shots yourself and won the match. I have no doubt if you wanted to go down the boxing path you would have been a great boxer”

Upon asking if he had any plans to return to boxing in the future, Bjornsson surprised a fan with his reply.

“like I have said in the past, never say never but I doubt it unless it’s paid well. Getting hit in the head by heavyweights is no joke.”

Watching the beast go ham with his punches, an enthusiast expressed his fear.

“I would be terrified to be in the ring with you! This is awesome @thorbjornsson !!”

Many noticed a discrepancy in Bjornsson’s size compared to his opponent.

“That guy is a big dude too, even tho Thor makes him look average size”

However, many in the end expressed their worry for the opponent.

“Take it easy champ its just practice lol…@thorbjornsson”

No matter how divided the fans felt, there was no denying that Bjornsson’s strength was a class apart from the rest. While he now shines at strongman championships, his boxing career could make a return at any point in his life.

Post Edited By:Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

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