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Mitchell Hooper Wins Arnold Strongman Classic 2024

Radha Iyer

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The Arnold Strongman Classic 2024 witnessed some of the most powerful men across the globe come together to flaunt their strength. But only one could win the title of the strongest man on the planet. And this year, it was Mitchell Hooper.

The Stone Medley marked the closing of the two-day-long event, with participants lifting three stones of 300 lbs, 365 lbs, and 410 lbs each. The competition involves performing a single overhead rep with the first stone, getting the second stone over a bar, and performing as many reps as possible with the last stone.

After some surprising performances, including Polish athlete Mateusz Kieliszkowski, who performed a jaw-dropping four reps on the last stones, fans had some hope. Despite some disheartening performances, the crowd was loud and full of adrenaline.

The event saw many disappointments from participants. Strongmen like Martins Licis and Bobby Thompson, who couldn’t perform a single rep, brought down the energy. But the real shock came from Hafthor Bjornsson, who failed to lift the first 300 pounds stone, pushing him down the overall ranking.

Hooper, on the other hand, put up an entertaining show towards the end. With his victory and place on the podium confirmed, he went easy with his round and still managed to impress. The first two stones were a cakewalk for the Canadian strongman, who went forth leisurely to finish the round.

He then called Arnold Schwarzenegger up on stage for his last rep. While he couldn’t pick up the 410-pound stone, he had scored enough points to score an overall championship win. Celebrating along with the Terminator actor and the audience, Hooper shared a heartwarming message for his newborn:

“Peyton I hope that you’re more proud of who I am than what I do.”

Mitchell Hooper won three consecutive events at the Arnold Strongman Classic 2024

The Canadian ‘Moose’ had already entered the arena, establishing a stronghold at various events. After coming close to Icelandic giant Bjornsson at the Elephant Bar Deadlift, he aced three succeeding events, including Dinnie Stone Carry, Timber Carry, and Apollon Wheels.

These wins moved him up the ranks, crossing Bjornsson, Tom Stoltman, Kieliszkowski, and Evan Singleton, who eventually withdrew. With his new title and a new beginning to his life, Hooper is now a fan-favorite Strongman with potential for more.

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