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“Two of These Is Better Than One”: Post the New York Pro Win, Nick Walker Focuses on Increasing His Medal Tally

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Two of These Is Better Than One”: Post the New York Pro Win, Nick Walker Focusses on Increasing His Medal Tally

The New York Pro 2024 saw several well-known bodybuilders giving their best, making it a competitive event. Fans were also likely delighted by the high level of competitiveness in all categories. In the Men’s Open, Nick Walker defeated Martin Fitzwater by a narrow margin to clinch the Mr. Olympia ticket he had been after for a long time.

The bodybuilder celebrated his triumph on Instagram and informed his admirers that he had returned to battle for more. The 29-year-old’s resolve has been restored, and he is now aiming for this season’s Mr. Olympia, which will be held at Resorts World in Las Vegas.

In a recent post-event video shared on Instagram by @gilcoproductions, the majority of the competitors who attended the New York Pro were featured; however, the spotlight was on the winner of the Men’s Open category, as he says:

“I think two of these is better than one.”

Walker isn’t flamboyant about his New York Pro win, since he has bigger goals than this competition. A bodybuilder of his caliber could have easily received an invitation to Mr. Olympia without having to compete in a qualification event, but he preferred not to do so.


The 29-year-old chose the challenging route but still won in style, despite receiving a lot of criticism following the Pittsburgh Pro. Walker believes that his actions on stage can silence critics and naysayers, and his devoted followers simply adore the bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding World Celebrates the Comeback of Nick Walker

Nick Walker was out of competition for a long time due to a hamstring injury, which also caused him to miss the 2023 Mr. Olympia. The unfortunate event dashed the aspirations of both the bodybuilder and his followers, despite his immense potential to win the big event.

Coming into 2024, the 29-year-old displayed the same form at the Pittsburgh Pro but finished second. However, at the New York Pro, he utterly destroyed his opponent, Martin Fitzwater, to claim victory. It was an important win for the bodybuilder, and his admirers understand how valuable it is.

“Nick deserve it. Bro been discipline all year long.”

Fans are excited about the forthcoming Mr. Olympia, now that Walker has confirmed his participation.

“Love it!!! Mutant is back!!”

A longtime fan of the bodybuilder has also written a special note for him.

“@nick_walker39 Dude I know you don’t know me but I’ve been watching your growth for a few years and you’ve been my fav pro ever since I found you on an IG pic from years back. My son lost his baseball tournament by 1 point in the championship, later that evening my Nuggets lost their game in the finals to the Timberwolves which was crushing, but when I saw you took the NY Pro it made up for all the negativity from my weekend. Haha. Super proud of you man. Can’t wait to see you at the Olympia.”

Many bodybuilding fans praised the New York Pro, stating that it provided plenty of competition.

“That was a sick show , getting better every year same with the competition.”

Walker had received a lot of criticism for his prior performance at the Pittsburgh Pro, but this win provided a clear answer to the critics, as this fan points out.

“Proving his haters wrong.”

There is plenty of time until the Mr. Olympia weekend, which will be held from October 10 to 13. There are also many bodybuilders to keep an eye out for in the days preceding the event, as they are all preparing for the Super Bowl of bodybuilding.

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