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Jay Cutler and Milos Sarcev Dissect Martin Fitzwater’s Decision to Compete Against Nick Walker at the NY Pro

Radha Iyer

Jay Cutler and Milos Sarcev Dissect Martin Fitzwater’s Decision to Compete Against Nick Walker at the NY Pro

With Mr. Olympia drawing closer as the months go by, bodybuilders are gearing up for their biggest moment on stage, tweaking their physique to look the best. Giants like Derek Lunsford, Hadi Choopan, and Nick Walker are already preparing to give their best shot and stay in the top five. However, Jay Cutler and Milos Sarcev may be considering a new entrant.

Martin Fitzwater recently took the internet by storm when he appeared at the guest posing session at the Pittsburgh Pro show. Many who had been expecting Lunsford and Walker to be dominating the stage were pleasantly surprised to see an underdog shine bright.

While he already received his golden ticket to the Olympia after winning the Detroit Pro, it looked like Fitzwater wanted to shoot for the moon by competing again. New York Pro witnessed some of the Olympia contenders compete, including Walker, who won the title.

Sarcev highlighted the new contender’s mindset to come close to the top three despite having qualified for the Olympia. It seemed like Fitzwater wanted to make his presence known and loud, and the veteran seemed supportive of the notion.



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“Martin is complete, shapely, and thick. He has the round muscle bellies…Martin qualified for Olympia, fulfilled his dream, right?…it’s so commendable.”

Others chimed in, agreeing with Sarcev, and stated that if his physique was anywhere close to the one he presented at the Pittsburgh show, he had a fair chance of accomplishing something big.

“Look, if he can hold his shape, go dude!”

Incidentally, Fitzwater previously had a conversation with Sarcev at the Menace Podcast, where the veterans advised him on improving his presence. With the latter pointing out how he needed to make sure that his conditioning didn’t fade against Walker to the host, Dennis James, giving him tips to get better, the bodybuilder seems to be at a promising point.

Jay Cutler Reveals His Pick for the Upcoming Mr. Olympia

The Pittsburgh Pro guest posing was an unofficial sneak peek into the Mr. Olympia contenders and their progress so far. This year, things have been surprising on every forefront, with underdogs like Hunter Labrada and Fitzwater emerging with stunning physiques.

Cutler was curious to know everyone’s favorite when he shared pictures of the contenders on his social media. While the overall consensus was quite mixed, many began rooting for Fitzwater and Labrada for their new and improved builds compared to icons like Lunsford. While it’s still difficult to determine who’s worthy of the Sandow, championships like the NY Pro will bring more opinions out in the open.

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