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Unveiling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout of the Week: A Time and Space-Efficient Method to Help You Burn Fat and Build Conditioning

Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

Unveiling Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Workout of the Week: A Time and Space-Efficient Method to Help You Burn Fat and Build Conditioning

7-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger pushes his village members to go the extra mile in whatever they do. He acts as their mentor and ensures they follow a healthy lifestyle. Speaking about going the extra mile, Schwarzenegger, in his recent newsletter, has come up with another “Workout of the Week” session for his community.

In this week’s workout of the week section, Arnold writes about a method that will help you grow stronger, provided it is followed with the right technique. He writes about a routine known as ‘complexes,’ time and space-efficient method to help you burn fat, build conditioning, or layer on new muscle.’

However, one might wonder what constitutes a complex. Arnold answers this by stating that it consists of a series of back-to-back exercises using the same equipment. In this technique, according to Arnold, an individual will complete 5–8 reps for each exercise within a complex. 

“However, by lowering the reps — and with a smart design — you can get stronger and do enough volume to build muscle, and the lack of rest and continuous movement gives you the benefits of a cardio workout.”

Furthermore, Arnold states that head coach BJ Ward from Born Fitness introduced this training method. This routine is your golden ticket if you’re looking to hit several targets simultaneously, and the best part? You can wrap it up in under 10 minutes. For those wishing to try this workout, the routine is mentioned below.

Arnold suggests five different types of workouts that can be done for the complex method. He suggests using bands, rucksacks, or dumbbells for these exercises.

Kettlebell 1-Arm Clean: This method is an excellent core strength exercise. Do this exercise for 3 reps on both your left and right arms.

Single Arm Kettlebell Push Press: This workout can be done in multiple ways to challenge your core. It helps stabilize your muscles when working the upper body. Repeat this for 3 reps on both your left and right arms.

Single Arm Kettlebell Front Squat: This method improves the squatting technique while training for your legs and core muscles. Do this exercise for 3 reps, holding the weight in one arm and then the other.

Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift: This method strengthens the core sling system, mobility, and core coordination. Schwarzenegger suggests doing this exercise for 3 reps on your left leg and 3 on your right.

Bent-over Kettlebell Row: The bent-over KB row is a horizontal pulling movement. It improves your posture and core muscles. Complete this final exercise for 3 reps on your left arm + 3 reps on your right arm.

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains how to complete the complex exercise

  • While performing these exercises, the Terminator suggests doing one round of three reps for each exercise on each side of the body. For more efficient results, he says to rest as little as possible while training. The main motive behind this method is not to put the weight down until you have completed an entire round.
  • After all five exercises are completed, that makes it one round. Keep the weights down and catch some breath for a minute or two.
  • If you’re a beginner, set a timer and start with 10 minutes, and for those more advanced, try pushing yourselves for 30 minutes. Finally, see how many rounds you can complete in the given time.

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Brandon Gabriel Isaacs


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