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Oscar De La Hoya Inspired by UFC 300 and Dana White, Endorses ‘Once-a-Year’ Boxing Mega Events

Allan Binoy

Oscar De La Hoya Inspired by UFC 300 and Dana White, Endorses ‘Once-a-Year’ Boxing Mega Events

Oscar De La Hoya has dreams of replicating what UFC 300 just did. The CEO of Golden Boy Promotions wants to set up a stacked card once a year with all the best fighters from different divisions and multiple title fights. The way Dana White handled the massive title fights at UFC 300 left De La Hoya quite impressed. In fact, he even ended up buying the PPCV despite being a direct competitor in the combat sports section.

Recently, the boxer-turned-promoter sat down with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour and revealed how the event inspired him, saying,

“You know I took a page off of Dana White’s book there. It reminded me when Don King would promote those big fight cards…..I think that’s what boxing has to do…And sprinkle one of those mega events like UFC 300 once a year.”

De La Hoya called for boxing to create such events once a year. Not only does it attract a lot of attention, but the boxers also get an international stage to showcase their talent.

Later in the interview, ‘Golden Boy’ then went on to talk about the accusations against his fighter Ryan Garcia, following his social media antics. However, De La Hoya believes Garcia will soon work things out.

Oscar De La Hoya believes Ryan Garcia has rattled Devin Haney and got under his skin

‘Golden Boy’ has been very silent about Ryan Garcia’s antics on social media. The title challenger has been spouting a lot of conspiracy theories as of late.

However, De La Hoya believes that this behavior is intentional. In the same interview with Ariel Helwani, De La Hoya spoke about how Garcia’s antics have thrown Devin Haney off his game:

“Ryan knows what he’s doing….Look at what Ryan has done to him psychologically….I think he’s a little rattled, so Ryan’s doing something that only he knows he’s doing and he’s getting under his skin.”

Oscar De La Hoya compared Ryan Garcia to Floyd Mayweather saying they both can get under their opponent’s skin. At the same time, he gave Garcia the edge over Haney when they face each other this weekend.

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