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CoD Black Ops Cold War Best FPS Settings : The best settings to improve your FPS in CoD Black Ops Cold War

Gautham Balaji

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CoD Black Ops Cold War Best FPS Settings : Increasing your FPS is crucial for gamers to experience Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War better. Below, we will give you the best settings you can apply in your game to improve your FPS while playing Black Ops Cold War.

Black Ops Cold War released just a few days ago, and it has phenomenal graphics. Naturally, the internet has been full of queries as to which video setting are optimal. So, in this article you can find how to set up your game so that you can clock the best FPS and enjoy the visual treats without hassle.

Before you start playing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, it is important to ensure you are running the best settings possible. By applying the optimizations we recommend, you can ensure you always stay ahead of your opponents. So, here is the only settings guide you will need to make sure Black Ops Cold War runs smoothly.

Best settings to increase FPS in Black Ops Cold War

Ever since Call of Duty has become mainstream on PC, FPS is becoming a more and more important criteria to optimize. The difference between 60 & 120 FPS is enough to gain a split-second advantage to kill your opponents.

You surely don’t want to be at the receiving end of this heartbreak. Another important factor is Field of View, which can be adjusted more by PC players than on consoles.

The most reliable source for game optimizations is from pro players & streamers. Pro player Justin “Silly” Fargo recently took to Twitter to show us what settings he currently plays on.

These settings are suited for playing Multiplayer on Black Ops Cold War. While they will work on Campaign & Zombies as well, they are ideal for enjoying Multiplayer with friends.

The trick is to find the right balance as increasing FPS generally means lowering the quality of everything else, but with these settings you are sure to pack a punch.

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