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Are Nat Sciver and Katherine Brunt married: Katherine Brunt and Nat Sciver love story details

Gurpreet Singh

Are Nat Sciver and Katherine Brunt married: Katherine Brunt and Nat Sciver love story details

It was just a month ago, when the two star England cricketers in Nat Sciver and Katherine Brunt had decided to carry their new names over to the Cricket field. Sciver and Brunt were now Nat Sciver-Brunt and Katherine Sciver-Brunt, and the same reflected in the English team line-up during the ongoing ICC T20 World Cup 2023 in South Africa.

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The duo got married on May 29 last year, after the COVID-19 outbreak had meant that they had to postpone their wedding date, which was originally scheduled to take place in September 2020.

The couple had earlier officially announced their engagement in October 2019, on the National Coming out day, despite them having already taken the decision on the New Year’s eve in 2018.

Katherine Brunt and Nat Sciver love story details

The duo’s love story can easily make it to the plot of a romantic folklore. As is the case with almost all the couples, one of them had to propose to the other, and it was Katherine Sciver-Brunt who decided to ask her out in all seriousness for a romantic relationship.

But the catch, is the occasion of the lovely moment, which happened mere two hours post England had won the ODI World Cup in 2017 by defeating India in the most dramatic fashion.

And the venue? The famous Lord’s balcony in front of the home team dressing room! Sciver had absolutely no doubt before affirming to their relationship and uttering ‘Yes’!

The couple had lived together under the same roof for about four years. But, it was Brunt who had decided to keep her at ‘an arm’s distance’, keeping their profession as England team cricketers in mind. So naturally, if someone had to make a move, it had to be Brunt.

Fast forward some 18 months, on the New Year’s eve, Brunt would yet again seek Natalie’s approval in order to get engaged with her girlfriend. And Natalie’s heart yet again knew what she was supposed to say.

Katherine’s challenge to come out before her parents

Born in a Christian family, the path leading towards marrying the love of her life was quite challenging for Katherine Sciver-Brunt. The family’s belief system would have never approved for a same-sex relationship, but Brunt had realized the value of being herself, and she had to come out not only for the sake of her happiness, but Sciver’s as well.

“Having to tell my parents was really difficult because I care a lot about them so it was something I put off for a long, long time. But as I have got older, I have seen sense and realised that it is not about that, it is about being yourself and living life properly,” Brunt would remark during an interaction with The Guardian in 2019.

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