Cricket World Cup 2019 Away Jersey: 4 Teams unveil their new kits; India yet to announce

Gurpreet Singh
|Published 28/05/2019

Cricket World Cup 2019 Away Jersey: 4 Teams unveil their ‘home’ and ‘away’ kits for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019; India puts it on hold

The imminent ICC Cricket World Cup not only promises to be a cut-throat competition amongst the Top 10 teams in the world, but also a more vibrant and colourful one- both literally and metaphorically.

The ICC has thus, for the World Cup, opted for two different sets of kits or jerseys for as many as 5 teams, who don more or less similar coloured jerseys in the limited-overs format.

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The teams who will be seen donning ‘home’ and ‘away’ jerseys are South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and India, since their jerseys resemble each other.

Talking about the other teams, Pakistan have been allowed to sport their all-Green kit in all their World Cup games, although their kit too resemble with a couple of teams viz. South Africa and Bangladesh. The Home side, England will don their famous, recently introduced ‘Retro’ kit while the other 3 teams- Australia, New Zealand, and West Indies will sport their unique Yellow, Black, and Maroon throughout the tournament.

India yet to reveal

The ICC had in a press release, announced the decision for the aforementioned teams to come up with two sets of jerseys, for Home and Away games respectively. It is the ICC itself which decides on the home and away games for the teams. England, being the Home team were provided with the luxury of choosing their own single kit.

“For televised ICC events all participating teams will be required to provide for two different coloured kits, except for the host country who has a preference in the choice of colour and may, if it chooses to do so, provide only one coloured kit to be worn in all matches throughout the event. In advance of the event the teams will be notified which coloured kit will be worn in each match,” the ICC said in a release.

The 5th team to sport two separate sets of kits- India, is yet to reveal their ‘away’ kit. The reports indicate it to be bit more ‘Orange’ dominated one, with some unverified pictures of the same surfacing across various social media sites. But, we are yet to have an official word from the BCCI.

‘Home’ and ‘Away’ kits of the 4 teams

Afghanistan’s Home and Away kits are more or less similar. While the Home kits is largely dominated by the ‘Blue’, the Away one is a bit more Reddish, with both the sleeves all-Red.

Bangladesh’s kits are the most contrasting of the lot. While the Home kit is ‘all-Green’ with only a tad Reddish shade behind their nation’s name, the Away kit is the entire opposite, with the nearly all-Red jersey.

South Africa too, have come up with contrasting kits. Their Home kit is the traditional Green, for which the Proteas side is known for. It is lightish-Green from the front, with dark Green shades at both the sleeves. The Away one however, is nearly all-Yellow with shades of light Green vertical lines in the front, at the backdrop.

 Sri Lanka too, will sport two nearly similar jerseys for Away and Home. Their Jerseys are made up of recycled Oceanic plastics which rightly deserved lots of praises by the Cricketing fraternity. Their Away jersey had a bit more Yellow in it than the Home one.

Have a look at the jerseys:



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