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Dhoni’s review saves him in the 3rd India-England ODI

Saksham Mishra

Former Indian Captain MS Dhoni took a DRS as India were batting first against England in the 3rd ODI and he was ruled not out because of the review.

It was the third ball of 33rd over. Adil Rashid was bowling and the ball was gripping in the wicket. On the third delivery, the ball pitched outside the off stump and cut back sharply in.

Dhoni tried to nudge it down to long off for a single but the ball spun sharply and hit Dhoni on the back pad. Anything hitting on the back pad in line of the wickets can be very dangerous and it seemed the same.

The England fielders and Rashid broke into a loud appeal and the umpire after thinking for a nano second ruled Dhoni out. Dhoni stood at the crease for a fraction of a second and then decided to go for the review.

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At that moment it seemed a review taken more in hope than from a technical aspect as the ball had been hit on the back pad in the line of the off and middle stump. It was quite certain that the ball would crash into the leg stump.

The thing that also favoured England was that the ball did not seem to bounce much. However, as it turned out the ball was hitting Dhoni in line of the stumps but it spun so much that it actually not only went over the stumps but also outside the leg stump.

This was obviously a very surprising equation has everybody had to come to terms with the reality and get on with the game. Commentator Nasir Hussain noticed that the ball had taken a piece of the wicket.

Possibly, this is the reason why Dhoni had missed the ball because it had done something extra. The same thing came to his rescue because the ball had turned and bounced more than usual, it went on to miss the stumps.

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Saksham Mishra

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