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Tripura Government uses Dipa Karmakar’s Olympic Glory for personal gain; gives a passage on her in Board exam

Utkarsh Bhatla

Dipa Karmakar

In what can be attributed to Dipa Karmakar’s recent shot to fame, the Tripura government decided to set a few questions on her in the recently held English board exam.

While on the face of it it would look like the state was trying to maybe promote the efforts of the Olympian in last year’s Olympic games. But when you dig deep into the matter the government had a  motive of their own.

The reading comprehension that made an appearance in the English exam had nothing to do with Dipa’s achievements or her journey, instead it was a way to educate the students about the recently held celebrations organised by the Manik Sarkar government.

All the questions pertaining to the passage were about how the government had facilitated Dipa, which is being seen as a major publicity stunt on behalf of the the Manik Sarkar government.

Some of the questions were:

  • How long did it take for Dipa to climb up the dias?
  • Which ministers were present in the stadium?
  • In honour of Dipa a holiday was declared on August 23 at all educational institutions by?
  • Why did Dipa apologise to the people?
  • Which post Dipa has been promoted

The NSUI(National Students Union of India) has now taken matter into its own hands and has asked the Tripura Board of Secondary Education(TBSE) to step in and take some action behind this self propaganda.

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“The passage or comprehension that came in higher secondary board question paper only highlighted Left Front’s praise and what the government has given to Dipa Karmakar,” NSUI general secretary Rakesh Das said.

The passage tells the reader about how Dipa and her coach(Bishweshwar Nandi) were facilitated and then goes into the intricacies of the ceremony, rather than speaking about Dipa’s career.

It is extremely saddening that political parties are stooping this low and masking their political propaganda behind student examination papers.

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