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Dota 2 Epic League: Virtus Pro defeat OG 3-2 in Division 1 Grand Finals to become Epic League champions

Gautham Balaji

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Dota 2 Epic League: Virtus Pro defeat OG 3-2 in Division 1 Grand Finals to become Epic League champions. The Epic League finally came to an end today, and Virtus Pro are the Champions of Division 1. Read more about their Bo5 Grand Final series against OG.

Virtus Pro, despite being forming a new team only a month before Epic League, have finally seen their tournament through. Many expected OG to reign supreme in the Bo5 Grand Finals. However, VP found some deep will-power to claw their way back. The newly formed team have already proved that they can beat some of the top tier Dota 2 teams in the world.

Game 1 of the series was utter carnage from VP. They racked up 47 kills in under 42 minutes, while OG hardly got into double digits with 10 kills. In Game 2 however, OG managed to make their heroes work together. They outplayed VP and evened up the series 1-1. The third game was a very short affair, as OG pressed their advantage.

Virtus Pro wins Epic League

Morphling, played by Topson, in combination with Earth Spirit began to wreak havoc, and VP threw in the towel in 18 minutes. They knew this game was a lost cost and decided to focus their power on the all-important game 4. However, VP were sly and decided to ban out both Earth Spirit and Morphling.

VP picked up Ursa played by epileptickid and both the supports for VP leveled the game with some beautiful saved. With everything on the line, VP managed to claw out a victory in Game 4, taking the series to the decider.

Game 5 was the perfect way to sign out of Epic League, with epileptickid on Phantom Assassin, picking up a divine rapier. After 40 minutes of constant pressure from VP, OG were unable to continue pressuring as VP began knocking on their base. Eventually, OG succumbed to VP’s line up, giving VP their first major championship.

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