Esteban Ocon confirms Williams move is on the table

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published 13/09/2018

Esteban Ocon find himself in a very tricky situation in the driver’s market, as the young Racing Point Force India driver is almost certain to lose out on a F1 drive for 2019.

With Lance Stroll set to take his spot at the newly constructed Racing Point Force India, Ocon is in a dire situation, especially being a Mercedes driver. None of the other engine manufacturers are ready to bring him on, due to his Mercedes ties.

Now, despite the future looking grim, the young driver is trying to stay positive and has confirmed that he could be making a straight swap with Lance Stroll, but is largely disappointed by the situation that he has been forced into.

“I do not know where I’ll be in 2019. I have a contract here until the end of the season, I’ll be in Russia, Mercedes has always helped me, we’re working together, but there are fewer and fewer options, Williams is an option, I’m disappointed in the situation. a good evo here ” Ocon said.

He then also went onto say that he has had to fight for things all his life and will do so even now.

“It seems I get nothing for free. Each thing I get, I have to fight to get it. It’s one more time the case, and hopefully one more time, we’ll overcome this” Ocon said.

If Ocon does indeed make the switch to Williams, do you see Kubica leaving F1 all together?

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