Robert Kubica provides update about 2019 F1 future

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published 16/11/2018

Robert Kubica’s F1 future hangs in the balance as of now, as no official confirmation about his Williams move has surfaced as of now.

A report in AMuS earlier this week stated that the deal had been agreed with Williams, with Ocon set for a rather rare triple role as reserve, simulator and test driver for Mercedes, Force India and possibly Williams.

As reliable as AMuS are, Kubica fans still wait with bated breath about their hero’s future in the sport and if he would finally get that Williams seat.

In a recent interview in Gniewino, Poland, Kubica said that only two spots were available for the next season, and he was definitely not going to Toro Rosso.

“Will I drive for Williams next year? I hope. There are only two teams which haven’t yet announced their line-up for the next season: Toro Rosso and Williams. But I will definitely not drive for Toro Rosso.” Kubica said

“It is still not clear what about driving for Williams. It’s a very tense period, a lot of things are happening. It’s not like I or other people are having fun and they don’t want to announce what has been decided, waiting who knows what for.” he added.

Now, Kubica has two options available for the next season, one is driving for Williams and the second is becoming Ferrari’s simulator driver.

Kubica did have the chance to sign for Ferrari before his rallying accident and thus some feel that he could be tempted to sign for Ferrari, even if it is just a simulator role.

Kubica has confirmed that he has made his decision but it is now upto the other parties to decide and make the announcement.

“Everybody needs to make their own decisions. I said openly that I’m approaching the time of my decisions, that I have a deadline. I have made my decision but I will not say it so I don’t pressure anything ” Kubica said.

“I think we should very quickly learn what is going to happen to me. At the moment not everything depends on me but I can also say that not everything depends on Williams.” he added.

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