Euro 2016

Euro 2016 Fantasy Guide: Fantasy tips for Gameday 5

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  1. Fan says:

    Changing team combination is nice feature here. Good One man. Can you suggest other impact players for today’s game according to your knowledge?

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      Fuchs could get a clean sheet!

  2. Rishabh says:

    Wat a change Utkarsh Hats off to u!!! The site looks completely different n fresh. We always appreciate all the hardwrk u put in fr us all the time everytime. Thankyou

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      Thank you. Trying out new things with the site let’s see how it goes. Do keep following the website and keep sharing it with others to help us grow

  3. Rishabh says:

    Utkarsh will u be plain your wildcard fr Matchday 2? We need CR7 buddy othr wise v r dead!!! Hes the Virat Kohli of Football!!

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      I think tomorrow will be the best time to use the wildcard. Mostly, I’ll go through with it! Yes, I guess we need to put our money on CR7!

  4. Rishabh says:

    Utkarsh what time will u be postin the tips for matchday 2? 6:30pm is the deadline.

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      It should be up in maximum 45 minutes. Also, mostly i won’t be using the wildcard

      1. Rishabh says:

        Haha wow am already excited buddy!!

        1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

          It’s out!