“$250 Million investment for a plant based future” – Lewis Hamilton alongside Roger Federer and Questlove funded in a food-tech company

Janmeyjay Shukla
|Published June 26, 2022

Lewis Hamilton with Roger Federer and Questlove fund Chilean-based food tech company NotCo and also raised over $235 Million.

Lewis Hamilton turned into a vegan back in 2018 and according to him is one of the biggest reasons for his consistent performance.

He has been advocating veganism for a really long time trying to help make people aware of the pros of a plant-based diet.

The Briton alongside GOAT of Tennis Roger Federer and Musician Questlove have invested in a Chilean food tech company named NotCo.

NotCo is a unicorn Chilean food-tech company producing plant-based alternatives to animal-based food products. The company also made its debut in the United States in 2020

Lewis Hamilton raises $235 Million for NotCo alongside Roger Federer and Questlove

Hamilton alongside Federer and Questlove signed on as investors during the Series D funding round. The Briton with his friends raised $235 Million in Series D funding.

However, the round was dominated by investment firm Tiger Global Management which brought the company’s valuation to $1.5 Billion.

The company is a household brand in Latin America with its plant-based products on a mission to replace the animal ones. Their products include NotMilk, NotIceCream, NotMayo, NotMeat, and NotBurger.

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NotCo’s artificial intelligence usage for a plant-based future

NotCo uses artificial intelligence (AI) software called ‘Giuseppe’ which helps them to analyze plant-based foods on a molecular level.

They have also partnered with fast-food giants Burger King and Papa John’s to help grow their brand throughout America. Their CEO, Matias Muchnick stated the below on his unicorn giant:

“Many companies have reached NotCo. They say, can you do a plant-based version of our products. In that way, we can become the ‘Intel Inside’ of other products.”

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