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28 Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen thinks father Jos is crazy for making WRC debut

Samriddhi Jaiswal

28 Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen thinks father Jos is crazy for making WRC debut

Max Verstappen takes a keen interest in his father’s rally racing ventures that began about a year and a half ago but thinks he is crazy.

Jos Verstappen began his journey in rallying ventures about a year and a half ago and is about to enter the biggest challenge yet. His son, Max Verstappen who takes a keen interest in rallying thinks his father is crazy.

Jos is set to participate in World Rally Championship’s Ypres Rally in Belgium in a Rally2 Citreon C3. He has previously competed in the car during the Belgian Rally Championship earlier this year.

Before entering rally racing, Jos had an elaborate career in F1 with 106 race starts. He has often revealed that he took retirement from F1 to mentor his son for the pinnacle of motorsport.

While Max is a reigning world champion and is looking forward to winning the title this year again with an 80-point lead in the standings, he has developed an interest in rallying.

The 50-year-old former F1 driver revealed that Max stays in touch with his dad daily. “He thinks I’m crazy,” Jos told

“But he understands and he enjoys it. I have him on the phone every day. He likes it and he enjoys it as long as I have fun.

“It is excitement at every stage when you do a Formula 1 race you have that excitement before the race and then you have the start and that starts the adrenaline.

“But here in rally, you have this eight times a day. Then it is so exciting because you don’t know the circuit and you have to listen, and this makes it exciting.”

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Max Verstappen outperforms his father in rally racing

The 24-year-old reigning champion has driven his father’s Citreon C3 and it is no surprise that the talented Dutchman did not take much time to master the craft of rally racing.

Jos revealed that his son reached the level of performance pretty quickly and he himself had no chance of matching the bar his son had set.

“Once you have the feeling it doesn’t matter what car you drive,” said Jos. “We had this track day and he [Max] was very fast, I had no chance.”

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