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Adrian Newey Adds 4 Teams to His Laundry List of Red Bull Replacements

Pranay Bhagi

Adrian Newey Adds 4 Teams to His Laundry List of Red Bull Replacements

Adrian Newey’s Red Bull exit started a world of rumors within the F1 paddock. Some felt that Newey would head to Ferrari, owing to his personal ambitions and Lewis Hamilton’s appointment in the Maranello-based outfit. Others suggested Aston Martin, where Lawrence Stroll is embarking on an ambitious project. However, with the dust now finally settling, there are four teams believed to be in contention to sign the British engineer.

Ferrari is still believed to be the most likely destination for Newey. They have tried signing him multiple times in the past; their last attempt being right before he was due for a contract extension in 2023.

However, the other teams who reportedly have Newey on their radar are Aston Martin, McLaren, and Mercedes.

Mercedes and McLaren wouldn’t want to pass out on an opportunity to have F1’s greatest car designer on board. It would also be an opportunity for them to rub salt on Red Bull team principal Christian Horner‘s wounds.

Aston Martin, meanwhile, could offer Newey with an exciting project to lead. Stroll reportedly made Newey a $100 million offer earlier this year, and rumors also suggested that the 65-year-old visited their Silverstone factory. The $200 million invested in the facilities could play a decisive role in luring Newey to Aston Martin.

Furthermore, Newey has expressed interest in working on road cars in the past. Having already designed Aston Martin’s Valkyrie previously, a partnership with the British team could see him taking up more similar projects. Lance Stroll’s comments at the Spanish GP further strengthened the links between Newey and Aston Martin.

Lance Stroll on Adrian Newey’s Aston Martin factory visit 

When Fernando Alonso was asked about Newey’s factory visit rumors, he didn’t give a conclusive answer. To him, they came from the same sources who claimed Newey’s move to Ferrari was done. However, when Lance was asked about the same, his reply raised some eyebrows.

“He’s a legend of the sport,” the Canadian said as quoted by Crash. “He has more championships than anyone in this paddock, drivers, engineers, anyone. Everyone wants Adrian.” 

Being the son of Lawrence, who owns Aston Martin, Stroll has insights others don’t. Additionally, Honda’s arrival in 2026 could further entice Newey. The British aerodynamicist insists that he wants a break from F1. But a move to either Ferrari or Aston Martin cannot be written off.

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