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Adrian Newey Aftermath Leaves Gaping Void in Red Bull: “Always Quite Eye-Opening”

Mahim Suhalka

Adrian Newey Aftermath Leaves Gaping Void in Red Bull: “Always Quite Eye-Opening”

Adrian Newey’s sudden desire to leave highlighted the growing unrest within Red Bull Racing. However, despite the disappointment, many team personnel did not consider his departure a big loss. Well, that is the sense Red Bull wanted to give off. However, a member of Newey’s entourage has refuted such claims and beliefs. The chief engineer Paul Monaghan has expressed his dissatisfaction with the CTO’s soon-to-be-evident absence.

In striking contrast to what’s been said earlier, Paul Monaghan has expressed how the genius engineer will be sorely missed. “I suppose my overwhelming reaction to Adrian’s leaving is one of sadness. It was always quite eye-opening when he got those little opportunities to see what he wanted to achieve and his thoughts,” Monaghan said as quoted by GP Blog.

Apart from his sorrow, he shared his gratitude for the opportunity to work and learn from him. Speaking highly of Newey, Monaghan also credited the 65-year-old for the 2010-13 and the current era of dominance. The Red Bull chief engineer also highlighted the CTO was never cut off from the development process, contradicting yet another claim.

Now, his departure spells trouble for the reigning world champions. With an heir yet to be announced, Red Bull is uncertain about their future. Their grip on the championship might be loosened in due course.

Even if the team back in Milton Keynes can use Newey‘s good work as the base for 2025, 2026 will be a hard reset. A reset that can surely smell trouble for Red Bull Racing. What makes it worse is the rumor of Adrian Newey joining Ferrari.

Adrian Newey has reportedly signed a contract with Ferrari

It’s bad enough that the man with the golden touch is leaving Red Bull. What makes it worse is according to a report by Crash, he’s joining the Austrian team’s closest rivals, Ferrari. The Italian outfit has been consistently closing the gap to the front runners. This has been made evident by the results of the first six races.

Now, according to the report, Ferrari is adding another weapon to their arsenal in the form of Newey. It will be a huge boost for the team back in Maranello as Newey can influence the next era for the team.

He is reported to earn more than his current $19 million per year salary and the contract is signed and sealed. If true, Newey will be the final piece of the puzzle and hopefully end the silverware drought in the near future.

So, despite all the retirement suggestions, Newey will continue to showcase his talents at the pinnacle of motorsport. He put the rumors to bed himself ahead of the race in Imola.

Newey said, “At some point, I’ll probably go again. I know I’d miss it, if I wasn’t doing it.” With an exception from the gardening leave and his desire to continue, an official confirmation is on the horizon.

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