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After Breaking Max Verstappen’s Exquisite $44,500 Trophy, Lando Norris Snubs Him for Lewis Hamilton as the Most Famous Contact

Vidit Dhawan

After Breaking Max Verstappen’s Exquisite $44,500 Trophy, Lando Norris Snubs Him for Lewis Hamilton as the Most Famous Contact

Lando Norris recently caused immense chaos after he unintentionally broke Max Verstappen’s beautiful winner’s trophy on the Hungarian Grand Prix podium. After seeing his hard-earned $44,500 trophy shatter into pieces, the Dutchman asked the McLaren driver for compensation. Soon after this incident played out, Norris has now snubbed his ‘best friend‘ for arch-rival Lewis Hamilton while naming the most famous contacts he has on his phone.

When it came to the incident of Verstappen’s trophy breaking, it was hilarious. Norris as always popped up the champagne while celebrating and in the process this time, he knocked the Red Bull driver’s trophy.

This incident made headlines not only for the hilarious way in which Verstappen’s trophy broke but because of how symbolic the award was. The trophy, which took six months to produce, represents Hungarian culture as it is made of handmade porcelain.

With one of Verstappen’s most symbolic trophies breaking, not only did he ask Norris for compensation, but Red Bull team principal Christian Horner also asked for the same. After all this drama took place for the past few weeks, a video has emerged in which Norris seems to be snubbing Verstappen.

Lando Norris names Lewis Hamilton in his list of most famous people

Lando Norris recently appeared in an interview with Servus TV, where he was asked to name the contacts of the most famous people he has on his phone. The first name that came to the Briton’s reply was seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

After revealing his countryman’s name, Norris also revealed the names of DJs Martin Garrix and Marshmello. However, he failed to name his friend Max Verstappen. Norris and Verstappen are the best of friends as they often hang out together when they are not racing.

The most recent time when they hung out together was at Tomorrowland when they attended Garrix’s performance. Furthermore, the two also went swimming together with Nyck de Vries soon after AlphaTauri sacked the 28-year-old Dutchman.

That is not it as Verstappen and Norris often also connect with each other on Twitch during their simulator racing sessions. However, it’s pertinent to note that the McLaren driver not only has good relations with Verstappen but also with Hamilton.

Norris and Hamilton have the utmost respect for one another

The first signs of respect between Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton were evident at the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix when the Mercedes driver praised the 23-year-old McLaren driver. This is because soon after Norris overtook him during the race, Hamilton took to his team radio and said, “Such a great driver, Lando“.

The relationship between the two seems to have grown ever since with Norris also commenting upon the same earlier this year. When asked to comment on his relationship with Hamilton while speaking to the media at the unveiling of McLaren’s livery at the British Grand Prix, Norris replied (as quoted by, “I think it’s growing. I think even over the last couple of months we’ve been chatting a bit more and getting to know each other a bit more“.

Norris then concluded his remarks by explaining how he has the utmost respect for Hamilton for what the 38-year-old has achieved in F1. However, he did admit that it is difficult to be the best of friends when they are in different teams and competing against each other.

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