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Alex Albon Reveals the One Thing He Hates About Flaunting His Latest $67 Merch

Aishwary Gaonkar

Alex Albon Reveals the One Thing He Hates About Flaunting His Latest $67 Merch

Alex Albon has launched a new proprietary ‘Athletic’ collection under his A23 brand name. The Thai driver is quite excited about this collection and promoting it in the F1 paddock. However, there is one aspect about it he hates to do, even when he is at home in Monaco – ironing the clothes.

Speaking on The Fast and the Curious podcast, Albon mentioned his peeve with ironing clothes in general. He stated, “I am not someone who wants to commit his time ironing. Ironing for me is the worst of the worst.”

He further added, “I have gone into this like athletics, I am trying to do a bit of a merch thing but cooler, a bit more edgy, and last night ironing just for a five-minute walk down the paddock”.

The Williams driver cited how the merchandise he was talking about was a 100% linen button-up shirt, worth $67 on his website. Thus, ironing it is quite a hassle. He stated how “It’s linen so you can’t, you gotta make sure its high heat and you gotta work hard for it”.

However, apart from this linen shirt, Albon has launched other accessories as well, in what is called the ‘Monaco collection’. Besides the shirt, there is a $150 chore jacket, an athletics Club Hat at a price of $34, and a keyring that states Room No. 23 [Albon’s racing number] at $12.50.

Albon has highlighted the inspiration behind this Monaco collection on his website. The collection takes inspiration from the vintage cars and classic luxury of Monte-Carlo. Like his peers, the 28-year-old is stepping up his game on specialized merchandise for his fans with such collection launches.

Alex Albon’s merchandise game is on the up

Alex Albon launched a pair of shoes as well last year and it instantly gained a liking among many, including Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard was spotted wearing Albon’s shoes during the Singapore GP weekend. F1 photojournalist Kym Illman reported the same and also vouched how they were quite comfortable.

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The Williams driver has seen a new dawn to his image and popularity in F1 forums ever since his return in 2022. Thus, it makes sense why Albon wishes to make hay of this increased fame owing to his praiseworthy performances.

A couple of weeks ago, the #23 driver launched another pair of shoes named ‘Classic Everglade’. These shoes are olive green and white in color for $160. They are made from suede, leather, and canvas and are an “everyday” kind of shoe.

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