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Alex Albon Takes a Trip to His Girlfriend Lily Muni He’s Hometown as He Lands in China for the Upcoming Race

Aishwary Gaonkar

Alex Albon Takes a Trip to His Girlfriend Lily Muni He’s Hometown as He Lands in China for the Upcoming Race

Alex Albon has been dating Lily Muni He for a while now. Lily often visits the paddock on race weekends to support her boyfriend. The same trend may carry on at the Chinese GP this weekend, as Albon and Lily are in China. The Thai driver is currently visiting his girlfriend’s hometown in Chengdu.

According to a Reddit post, Albon posted a picture on Instagram stories that shows a lane of Chengdu, Sichuan, where Lily hails from. Even Lily has posted a series of stories on her Instagram, showing some moments of their visit to Chengdu.

The Reddit post claims that the 28-year-old driver wanted to visit Lily’s hometown to probably meet her parents and see where she hails from. The duo have been dating since 2019, so it comes as no surprise that Albon was keen on making such a visit.

The couple loves to spend time with each other whenever they can spare time from their respective sporting activities. While Albon is an F1 driver, Lily Muni He is a professional golfer and plays on the LPGA Tour.

Due to his girlfriend being a golfer, even Albon has developed a great interest in golfing. He often plays and trains with her to hone his golfing skills.

Lily Muni He doesn’t miss out on cheering and supporting Alex Albon

Lily Muni He was also present at the Japanese GP to support Alex Albon. While the race unfolded and concluded rather quickly for the Thai driver, Lily would hope his fortunes turn around in her home country, China.

Alongside accompanying Albon during race weekends, Lily also takes part in some fun questionnaires and interviews with him. The 28-year-old jokingly dissed her support for him in one such interview. It was back in 2022 when Lily revealed that she roots for whichever team is losing.

While this is a classic sign of liking an underdog story, Albon gave an excellent response. He said, “That’s why she chose me!”

Although Albon is one of the most sought-after drivers because of his exceptional performances, he is currently driving for Williams, which continues to be a midfield team. Therefore, Albon has not managed to taste any sort of meaningful success in a while now despite no fault of his own.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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