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Alpine Savior and Hollywood Star Ryan Reynolds Picks the Driver He Wants Racing In His Team

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Alpine Savior and Hollywood Star Ryan Reynolds Picks the Driver He Wants Racing In His Team

Over at Alpine, things seem to be going from bad to worse as its drivers clashed once again during the Monaco GP. Struggling to score points, the coming together of the drivers has sent the team’s owners into deep thought about their future trajectory. Given the same, The Express reports Ryan Reynolds’ team is looking at Mick Schumacher to replace at least one of its drivers.

Presently, both Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly are out of a contract in 2025 and look to be on thin ice. Meanwhile, Schumacher has been driving for Alpine in the Endurance series, garnering a lot of praise. Per Bruno Famin, Schumacher’s pace has been consistently high, which could benefit him in F1.


Meanwhile, things are not looking good for childhood friends Ocon and Gasly. Constantly fighting each other at the back of the field sees them treading deep waters, with Alpine thinking about possible replacements. Esteban Ocon is under more pressure, given his actions in Monaco.

Speaking about the incident, Famin claimed that the attack was “totally out of circumstances.” It was something Alpine did not want at all, and will now have to draw dire consequences for the same. As such, chances are that Ryan Reynolds & Co. could aim to do with Alpine what they did with Wrexham AFC.

Alpine could soon become Wrexham AFC’s F1 equivalent

When Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over Wrexham AFC, the team was down in the lowest tier of professional soccer. Now, they are in the third-highest league of English soccer, known as ‘League One.’ While that, in itself, is a fairytale, Reynolds & Co. has higher ambitions. They want to see their team climb higher and reach the Premier League. Additionally, they want Wrexham to sustain in the league before going on to win it.

Having reached where they are, Wrexham underwent significant changes, cash influx, and new signings. They invested in Paul Mullin, who has been the team’s highest scorer in his final two seasons. Mullin and teammate Ben Tozer were earning over $5000 each week, which was the highest salary across the league. Reynolds and McElhenney also invested heavily in the team’s infrastructure to help them improve further.

As ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ continues on a ‘Drive to Survive-esque’ path, Alpine will be looking at the developments closely. Given the Hollywood actor holds a minority stake in the team, the call for “dire consequences” by Famin could see heavy cosmetic changes in Enstone, too. Thus, chances are, Schumacher wouldn’t be the only new face in Alpine.

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