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Argentine F3 driver offers tour guide to Lewis Hamilton upon his visit to South American nation

Somin Bhattacharjee

Argentine F3 driver offers tour guide to Lewis Hamilton upon his visit to South American nation

Lewis Hamilton is spending the F1 season breaking traveling as he very often does. The 37-year-old traveled to Africa last year, and shared snippets of his tour on social media. This year, he has travelled to the South American nation of Argentina.

Hamilton took to his Instagram account to share pictures of his visit. He posted pictures of various attractions in the country’s capital city of Buenos Aires, which prompted F3 driver Franco Colapinto to share it on his Twitter account. Colapinto is an Argentine driver who is currently competing in Formula 3 for Van Amersfoort racing.

Watching the legendary seven-time F1 World Champion visit his country made him proud. He even offered to be the Mercedes ace’s tour guide for the trip.

“Welcome to Argentina, Lewis Hamilton,” he wrote on Twitter. “Hit me up if you need a tour guide, I’d happily show you around in Buenos Aires.”

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Lewis Hamilton wants midfield teams to challenge for wins and Titles in 2023

The 2022 F1 turned out to be a one horse race, that was dominated by Red Bull and Max Verstappen. Despite that, Ferrari and Mercedes did challenge for race wins on quite a few occasions. Hamilton, however, wants the entire Title race to be much more exciting in 2023.

He wants the Silver Arrows to take the top step on the podium more consistently next year onwards, but does not want to do it unopposed. Hamilton expects Red Bull and Ferrari to continue challenging for the Title in 2023, but wants newer teams to enter the mix.

In particular, he took the names of Alpine and McLaren as teams that he wants to see in the front next year. A potential five-way Title battle is something all F1 fans will definitely want to see. However, as of now, it seems unlikely that anyone other than Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes will fight for the crown.

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