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“Bahrain pays”– Reason why there won’t be telecast for the F1 tests in Barcelona ahead of the 2022 season start

Tanish Chachra

"Bahrain pays"– Reason why there won't be telecast for the F1 tests in Barcelona ahead of the 2022 season start

Bahrain and Barcelona are set to organize two different F1 winter tests ahead of the start of the 2022 season, but they’ll be treated differently.

The new Formula 1 season is just a few weeks ahead, and the hangover of 2021 is still not over. But before the light goes out, the 10 F1 constructors’ are obligated to do their winter testing.

This year, not one but two locations will be organizing the F1’s official tests. The first one will be in Barcelona, and another will be in Bahrain. However, only one site will be allowed with the telecast and overexposed reporting.

And that is not Barcelona. As reported, only the coverage of Bahrain tests will be telecasted. An why is that? Because the middle-east country wants to be the place where not only the cars of this year but of the new radical regulations will be revealed.

The report by Motorsport, Bahrain has asked F1 to have “a sort of world premiere of the season” in their country. Thus Barcelona tests will be behind closed doors with minimal media coverage.

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Bahrain had to settle

The report further states that Bahrain also pleaded with F1 to obligate the teams to run their cars with different liveries. So that Bahrain becomes the place where these cars are first revealed. However, most of the teams resisted this idea.

That is because teams are not comfortable with the idea of repainting the cars before the tests in Bahrain that will see a surge in paint and repair expenses.

Moreover, teams also argued that the cars would be exposed during their official presentations anyway. Thus, there is no point in having one-off liveries in Barcelona.

So, Bahrain had to settle with no coverage in Barcelona. Nevertheless, they will be the first country where the cars of the new generation will be witnessed live in action this year. So, it’s certainly not bad.

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