Can Aero-God Adrian Newey Actually See Air? – The Red Bull Legend Answers

Srijon Jana
|Published May 26, 2023

The British engineer Adrian Newey has been a key part of the Milton-Keynes-based team since 2006. Newey is so good at what he does that Christian Horner once claimed that he can see air. Newey recently revealed in a podcast whether the rumors are true or not.

Red Bull has had a dream start to the 2023 Formula 1 season. They have managed to win all of the five races that have happened to date in the 2023 season. They have not just won the races. The Red Bull cars have dominated the whole field, thanks to Adrian Newey.

This Red Bull domination started off in the 2022 season when the regulation changes set in. The RB18 was one of the most successful cars in the history of Formula 1, and the RB19 is following suit. Thus, the question arises, why the 64-year-old engineer is so good?

Why is Adrian Newey so good?

Newey has been the main man behind the four successive world championships won by Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull. He is having another one of those runs with Max Verstappen now. He appeared on the podcast Talking Bull and spoke about what makes him so good.

The host asked Newey, “So, I don’t know if you know this, but when you google your name. The first option that comes up is ‘Why is Adrian Newey so good’, so can you answer that question?” Newey broke into a laugh and accepted that he has never googled himself.

He then went on to say, “I can’t answer that question.” The host then reminded Adrian Newey that Red Bull team principal Christian Horner had once claimed that Adrian Newey is the only person who can see air.

So can you confirm or deny if this is true or not?” Asked the host. Newey once again broke into laughter and said, “No!”

How Adrian Newey Started Off His Journey?

Newey explained during the podcast how he got into the world of designing cars. He explained that his obsession with designing cars comes from his father, who was also a car engineer.

Newey used to work in his father’s workshop in the back of their garden. It was basic metal works and he used to make scale models of cars. By the time Newey was 10 or 11, he got bored of making other people’s designs and that is when he started making his own car designs. Fast forward to now, and his car designs have won six world championships.

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