“Can Your Dad Fight?”: Fans Left With One Question as Esteban Ocon Ditches Model GF for Surprise Guest at Cannes Red Carpet

Srijon Jana
|Published May 24, 2023

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon won over the internet after he posted a picture of him with his mother attending the Cannes Film Festival. The 76th edition of the premier film festival is taking place from 16th to 27th May. And while most would take their better halves as their plus-ones, Ocon took the red carpet alongside his mother, Sabrina.

The French driver shared a picture of him and his mother on the red carpet with the caption, “Bucket list: Cannes Festival with mum.” The duo had reportedly gone to see the film Asteroid City by Tom Hanks and Scarlett Johansson.

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Ocon was dressed in a brilliant black and white suit from the fashion brand Berluti. His mother donned a beautiful red dress from the same fashion house.

Esteban Ocon was applauded by his fans for accompanying his mother to Cannes

Esteban broke the internet as F1 fans came out in numbers to point out the wholesomeness of Ocon. Twitter user Santana pointed out how their two favorite people were serving looks.

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However, the main question in everyone’s mind was asked by Mo.

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Fans could not stop fawning over Esteban’s mother. One of them asked Esteban to send his mother’s phone number.

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Even female fans were in awe, as one of them asked if Ocon’s mother was into women.

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Another Ocon fan, Deni, claimed that Esteban Ocon was a wholesome king.

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Amelie pointed out that she had mistaken Ocon’s mum for some famous actress.

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Fans kept appreciating the mother and son duo on Instagram as well. British television presenter Natalie Pinkham pointed out, “Great Ocon gene pool there”. Another fan commented, “We want to know what’s your mom beauty secret to look this good”

Esteban Ocon’s controversy at Cannes

This was not the first time that the Alpine driver visited Cannes. However, his previous visit to Cannes was quite controversial. Ocon was accompanied by Pierre Gasly, with whom he has shared a bittersweet relationship. They were friends during childhood, but as they grew up, the duo grew apart.

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When Ocon and Gasly posted the pictures from their Cannes visit, F1 fans noticed that it was the same photo, but the duo had cropped each other out from the pictures.

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Apart from the red carpet, Esteban Ocon would also want to make a mark on the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. The Frenchman currently stands 12th on the championship standings with 6 points to his name, two less than his teammate Pierre Gasly

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