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Carlos Sainz Cools Down Expectations From Ferrari at Imola GP: “Don’t Think the Team Had High Hopes”

Shreya Sanjeev

Carlos Sainz Cools Down Expectations From Ferrari at Imola GP: "Don't Think the Team Had High Hopes"

Red Bull has finally been brought to the ground by teams like Ferrari and McLaren who have brought major upgrades to Imola. While McLaren is confident in their package, Carlos Sainz cools the hype around Ferrari’s boost on home ground.

Ferrari came armored with changes to their sidepods, rear wing, and the floor. Images of their filming day in Imola took over the internet. It looked like a threatening car. However, Sainz doesn’t like the discussions surrounding the team right now.

As quoted by, “I don’t think the team had high hopes, in fact, I think the media exaggerated in raising expectations for the update package.”

During the practice sessions, positive feedback from the drivers, backed by the timesheet showed a positive curve in performance. Sainz thinks otherwise: “We knew it would look like a new car, but we knew the numbers. And the numbers weren’t that big.”

Instead, Sainz bets on McLaren and Red Bull to steal the spotlight at Imola. Hopefully, Ferrari still manages to impress as F1 returns to an emotion-packed race in their backyard in Imola.

Fred Vasseur’s reason behind Ferrari upgrade timing

With Sainz unimpressed with their situation, Fred Vasseur had explained their decision before the weekend began. In fact, the weekend was a big reason.

“We’re going back to having the classic format, with three free practice sessions. That’s why we decided to bring the first SF-24 upgrade package here.” He looked at the weekend as a second start to the championships, especially with the grid closing in.

Imola is a track Ferrari knows and hopefully, Sainz is underestimating their car and things look good for the team with the Tifosi waiting for a show.

Post Edited By:Aishwary Gaonkar

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