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Daniel Ricciardo dazed by Lewis Hamilton song with 700,000 views on YouTube

Samriddhi Jaiswal

Daniel Ricciardo dazed by Lewis Hamilton song with 700,000 views on YouTube

Back in 2018, pop singer, Christina Aguilera released her new song titled ‘Pipe’ in collaboration with an artist named XNDA. Two years after that, 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton revealed that he had sung the song with Aguilera under the alias of XNDA.

Fans were amazed to find out who XNDA was and Hamilton was praised for his song which recorded about 700,000 views on YouTube.

Among the amazed listeners was also Daniel Ricciardo. The Aussie was left speechless after listening to the song and could only say “well done!”

Hamilton has often shown his interest in the music and acting industry. While announcing himself as XNDA, the Briton also revealed his passion for creating music. He said that he has been recording and writing songs for the past 10 years.

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Why was Lewis Hamilton so secretive about his collaboration?

Back then. Hamilton took to Instagram to reveal to his fans that he was XNDA. In the Instagram story, he also thanked Aguilera for giving him the opportunity to work with her and explained why was he so secretive about his identity.

He said that while releasing the song, the goal was to have the music out to the public under a different name. So that the fans could hear them first and then know that it was him. However, it didn’t work according to the plan.

Hamilton said that he shied away from acknowledging that he is XNDA. The Mercedes star explained that maybe it was fear, insecurities or overthinking.

What are Hamilton’s retirement plans?

Hamilton is the second oldest driver on the grid at 37 years of age and since his current contract with the Mercedes F1 team is set to end in 2023, there have been a lot of questions about his future.

While the 7-time world champion does not see himself retiring soon, he is laying out paths for himself to walk on after retirement.

The Briton launched a new production company, Dawn Appollo Films and he already has a couple of projects in line to kickstart his venture. Hamilton is producing a movie which will be released on Apple TV film starring Brad Pitt.

A documentary specifically on Hamilton is also underway which has Daniel Ricciardo behind the production, as well.

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