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“Wow Lewis Hamilton Can Actually Play”: When Former World Champ Stunned Everyone With His Guitar Skills

Sabyasachi Biswas

“Wow Lewis Hamilton Can Actually Play”: When Former World Champ Stunned Everyone With His Guitar Skills

Apart from being in a ‘love-hate relationship’ with Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton also shares an immense love for playing the guitar, which he often does in between races. This first surfaced in 2012 when he was collaborating with Vodafone. In a video released by the British multinational telecommunication company, Hamilton stunned everyone with his guitar skills.

Hamilton is a talented musician and his knack for being around the guitar and the piano is a testament to that fact. These talents of his are unknown to many and the Mercedes driver himself underestimates his hold on a guitar, for sure. Known to be giving an absolute 100 percent at everything he does, Hamilton unsurprisingly took everyone aback while playing the instrument.

The video dates back to the time when he was driving for McLaren. As Vodafone was the primary sponsor, they got hold of Hamilton to do a shoot with The Trip Tapes. There, in the video, the British driver talked about his love for music shortly before strumming the guitar.

He said said, “I’ll play acoustic” as he went on to play the G major. This was when he showcased “some stuff that” he had done on his own. It led to the fans applauding the driver on his skills and comment, “Wow Lewis Hamilton can actually play.”

Soon after this, Hamilton changed his guitar and played a chime with that as well. In doing so, he managed to impress Paul from The Trip Tapes. Paul, being a professional guitarist seemed amazed with Hamilton’s skills and praised the F1 driver’s talent. During their conversation, the current Mercedes driver also shared that he made a song out of music he brought out on the guitar.

It was a fun segment for Hamilton, who would likely have settled for a musical career, had he not been in F1.

Lewis Hamilton and his knack for music

Lewis Hamilton is often seen around musical instruments and hangs out with people who part of the industry. However, the big break for the F1 driver came when he quietly released a song with Christina Aguilera years ago. The name of the song was ‘Pipe’ and Hamilton had a part to play in it.

The Mercedes driver rapped a verse from the 2018 Liberation album’s song under the guised name XNDA. He initially did not reveal that it was him. However, he admitted later that he wrote the part on his own – all in two hours. One could be sure that he wasn’t lying as the Silver Arrows ace has experience with writing, and recording music for over a decade.

Nevertheless, the song was not a massive hit and Hamilton’s XNDA avatar faded with time. From there on, the 39-year-old did not make any significant appearance in the musical world, directly. However, he was indirectly rumored to be involved with people related to music because of his closeness with Shakira.

Rumors apart, Hamilton is yet to try his luck in the music industry following his ‘Pipe’ with Aguilera. As things stand, Hamilton is trying to get into the entertainment industry and the process is already well underway.

He is helping produce a commercial movie based on Formula 1 with Brad Pitt. With this comes another docu-series based on his life. Therefore, he still has a lot in his store while he is also on the hunt for his eighth world championship.

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