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Lewis Hamilton’s Musical Secret Exposed as XNDA Sneaks Into F1 Weekends

Tejas Venkatesh

7x World Champion Lewis Hamilton Brings His Musical Side to Race Weeks Claims Pop Star

When he is not preparing for a race, Lewis Hamilton likes to unwind with some music. The driver recently gave his fans a sneak peek into some of his unreleased tracks, showing off his artistic side.

According to Danny Jones, the lead singer of the pop-rock band McFly, Hamilton never lets his artistic side die. The Mercedes driver reportedly travels with a studio on wheels across the globe.

Lewis Hamilton has a portable music studio

McFly is set to headline this year’s Silverstone Festival. The pop-rock band will hit the stage a month and a half after Lewis Hamilton will hit the track for the 2023 British GP. The lead singer Danny Jones was all praises for the Briton’s musical genius.

According to Jones, F1 all F1 drivers share an artistic side in an interview with Music News. He stated, “Everyone I meet in the world of music wants to be a racing car driver and every racing car driver wants to be a musician.”


The 7x world champion has collaborated with renowned artists such as Frank Ocean and Canadian rapper Drake. Hamilton had even lent his vocals to Christina Aguilera’s 2018 track “Pipe” under his artist name XNDA.

Especially the Mercedes driver who has collaborated with some of the most famous stars. He added,  “I know Lewis Hamilton does. He has a little bit of a studio set up when he goes on tour. I’ve seen!”

On the track, the 7x world champion can hear nothing but the deafening sound of his power unit. However, Jones added, “In these sports cars you can’t hear any music. You can only hear the engine, but that is music! The sound of a V8 is music.”

Hamilton is keen on releasing new music soon

Recently, Lewis Hamilton went live on Instagram during the 3-week gap between the Saudi Arabian GP and the Australian GP. He showed fans some of his unreleased music. This was the first appearance of the 7-time world champion’s music since his 2018 collab with Christina Aguilera.

The Briton shared on his social media, “I took a break to focus on other things but I also lost the drive to keep making music which has made me so sad. It’s such a process and hard to do when you’re on the road 300 days a year.”

He continued, “But it remains something I truly love and I am going to make more of an effort to do more.” This means we could be hearing more music coming from the driver in the future.

Hamilton also claimed long back that he plans to make a collab with his ‘brother’ Drake. In the meantime, Hamilton is also focusing on tying his hand at movie production. The Briton started his own production company, Dawn Apollo Films, and is currently working on the upcoming F1 film starring Brad Pitt.

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