F1 Twitter Reacts To Brother of 7x Champion Michael Schumacher Takes a Swipe at Guenther Steiner By Promoting Skincare Product

Tejas Venkatesh
|Published March 15, 2023

The brother of F1 GOAT Michael Schumacher, Ralf Schumacher, has some level of resentment towards Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner. And most of the bitterness was fueled by Steiner’s scathing comments towards his nephew Mick and firing him after 2022.

The F1-driver turned Pundit was unhappy with Haas’s treatment towards Mick. The youngster was given a cold should by his former boss, which did not help him learn much during his rookie years.

The truce between the Schumacher family and Steiner broke after Tyrolean’s brutal remarks on Netflix’s Drive to Survive. Something that Ralf hasn’t forgotten yet.

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Why Schumacher dislikes Guenther Steiner?

Mick, son of Michael Schumacher, was not allowed to continue for a 3rd season with Haas. The German’s inconsistent performances and constant crashes made Guenther Steiner look out for an experienced driver to replace him.

But Guenther also commented on Mick’s poor performances and expensive collisions in season 5 of Driver to Survive. The Italian labelling the 2020 F2 Champ as a liability for the team by calling him a “dead man walking.”

This angered his uncle Ralf who retaliated with Haas’s poor treatment of the youngster. The Former F1 driver criticised Guenther’s inability to nurture a young talent like Mick and fired him off his racing seat despite satisfactory performances.

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Steiner refused to apologise for the comments made. Nor has the Haas boss replied to any of the remarks made by Michael’s brother.

The war of words between Schumacher and the Tyrolean died out after the 2023 season started. But it seems like Ralf had one more swipe on his foe, tagging him on a post regarding an upcoming skincare product.

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Ralf Schumacher takes a dig at Steiner after firing nephew Mick

Ralf Schumacher’s war of words has not ended after launching a new attack on Guenther Steiner while promoting his new skincare product. The former F1 driver added a picture of his new anti-ageing product and Stiner’s face.

The caption read, “With wrinkles and dry skin. I can only recommend my friend Guenther my new cosmetic. At least you can still do something!”

While the post has now been deleted, a few F1 fans took screenshots of the post. And the Mick Schumacher fans have been praising his uncle for the rather weird dig on the Haas Team Principal.

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The Schumacher vs Steiner row has transcended into cosmetics now. Not sure if this will be the final blow between the two or the beginning of a whole new drama.

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