F1 Twitter Reacts to Salty Jos Verstappen Left Unimpressed After Sergio Perez Pips Max Verstappen to Finish Line

Tejas Venkatesh
|Published 19/03/2023

Jos Verstappen accompanied his World Champion Son to the 2023 Saudi Arabian GP. But he was clearly not happy seeing Sergio Perez be crowned the race winner on the Jeddah Street track.

Checo managed to claim his 5th F1 victory after keeping a pacy Max Verstappen behind to make it a Red Bull 1-2. However, it was Max who was the driver of the day. The Dutchman managed to go from 15th at the start of the race to finish 2nd and almost came close to challenging his teammate for the win.


Verstappen manages to keep the lead in Championship despite finishing 2nd

Jos Verstappen would be happy to see his son beat Sergio Perez in the Championship rankings. Max managed to squeeze the fastest time of the day during the last lap after setting a time of 1:31.910. This way, the 2-time World Champion manages to hold on to the lead in the championship over his teammate.


His engineer clearly warned Max not to push for the bonus point. This was after the Dutchman complained mid-race that he heard a noise from the car at high speeds. And the Red Bull driver, having just suffered a Driveshaft failure in Qualifying, was asked to stay calm.

Even Checo was surprised when he came to know that his teammate had pipped him with the fastest lap at the end. However, it was Jos’s reaction that generated a buzz.

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Jos Verstappen was disappointed by Sergio Perez beating his son

Jos Verstappen was clearly disappointed with the result. The father is proud of his son Max Verstappen and has often set a high bar for him. Jos did not even break a smile when Checo celebrated with the Red Bull crew around him. He didn’t even acknowledge the Mexican race driver’s exemplary performance with a high-five or smile.

This ‘salty’ behavior by the former F1 driver prompted the internet to react. While some asked him just to pretend to be happy, others called him a sore loser.






Verstappen’s cold hard reaction clearly shows he dislikes anyone, even Max’s teammate beating his son. No wonder fans laughed out loud at his rather unimpressed emotion at the end of a much-deserved win for the team.

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