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“Fernando Was Considering Retiring”: Aston Martin Insider Reveals Alonso’s Plans Before Signing Longest Extension

Sabyasachi Biswas

“Fernando Was Considering Retiring”: Aston Martin Insider Reveals Alonso’s Plans Before Signing Longest Extension

Fernando Alonso put an end to all rumors about his future after he extended his contract with Aston Martin recently. He will now stay at the Silverstone-based team at least until the end of the 2026 season. While there were rumors previously that Alonso was considering moving elsewhere, Aston Martin brand ambassador Pedro de La Rosa has now claimed that the Spaniard was in fact contemplating retirement.

While speaking on the most recent episode of the F1 Nation podcast, De La Rosa said, “I think it’s great [that Alonso renewed]. It’s great for Formula 1. First of all, because let’s not forget that Fernando was considering retiring. So I think that the first thing we have to say that it’s great for Formula 1 and for the fans.”

After extending his contract, Alonso revealed that his latest deal means that he will now stay at Silverstone beyond his F1 career. He revealed that he has a lifetime project with the team.

However, with his latest extension, Alonso still has a few years before he thinks about serving Aston Martin in a role other than that of a driver. The Spaniard is currently 42 and will turn 45 when the new regulations are implemented in 2026. That in itself will be a milestone for him for longevity.

Fernando Alonso has had one of the longest F1 careers

Following Fernando Alonso’s latest contract extension, he will join fellow two-time champion Graham Hill and many others as one of the few drivers who raced until 45 or more. However, Alonso would still be two years shy of breaking Juan Manuel Fangio’s record as the Argentine raced until he was 47.

Since Alonso is now well known for his longevity, he once revealed how he has undergone several tests recently that showed improved results in his cardio, fat, and muscular data. He believes that switching to a plant-based diet has helped him achieve the same.

Since the modern F1 world is so competitive, it is vital for all drivers to maintain a high level of fitness. And there are few drivers who have achieved the same as Alonso has recently.

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