Cover Image for “For $100,000 I’ll put your face on the engine cover”– IndyCar driver flabbergasted with exorbitant ticket price of Las Vegas GP

“For $100,000 I’ll put your face on the engine cover”– IndyCar driver flabbergasted with exorbitant ticket price of Las Vegas GP

Tanish Chachra
|Fri Aug 19 2022

IndyCar driver Dalton Kellet says for $100,000 he would give multiple luxuries to a fan as compared to what Las Vegas GP would provide.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is the new excitement in F1. Starting from 2023, the United States will have three races in its calendar year. One in Austin, another in Miami and the latest one in Vegas.

Therefore, F1 and several other parties are trying to cash on this opportunity. MGM hotels have planned to buy approximately $25 Million worth of tickets.

Using these tickets, they would create several event packages. Their CEO Bill Hornbuckle has commented that with this plan, their packages can go up to $100,000.

In response, the IndyCar driver representing AJ Foyt, Dalton Kellet, commented that he could do much more for the “black credit card” owners who are willing to splash so much for Las Vegas GP, including having their face on his engine.

“Dear F1 fans with the fancy black credit cards, for $100,000, you can hang out on the timing stand all weekend, spray the water bottle at my car during the pitstops, and I’ll put your face on the engine cover. And your buddies can come. Just saying,” wrote Kellet on Twitter.

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COTA isn’t afraid of Las Vegas GP

With F1 taking a pro-environmental stance. It would plan to have a season calendar keeping regional proximity in mind. This means Grand Prix closer to each other might be grouped together in 2023.

Though, usually, promoters of Grand Prix in such situations are reluctant to have events close together as it could affect the number of visitors. But COTA chairman Bobby Epstein says he thinks Vegas and Austin are different enough for both to succeed even with relatively close dates.

“I think the two events are so unique, each pretty exciting in their own way, and I think there are enough fans to go around,” Epstein told RACER. “So I think they will both flourish – one doesn’t have to succeed at the expense of the other.”

“I appreciate they’re not back-to-back, one week apart. One, because I want to go to the other race! But I really like the way they’ve routed it,” he added.

“Staying in the Americas but going to Mexico and maybe even Brazil as well between Vegas and us makes a lot of sense both from a logistics standpoint, environmental impact standpoint and for the sponsors and fans.

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