Former Haas driver Nikita Mazepin turns into DJ after losing Formula 1 seat earlier in 2022

Somin Bhattacharjee
|Published 03/11/2022

There was always a lot of controversy surrounding Nikita Mazepin and his seat in F1. In his debut campaign, he was comprehensively outperformed by teammate Mick Schumacher, and he was deemed too bad to be in the sport.

At the start of 2022, there was a lot of optimism surrounding Haas’ season. Their car was much better and they were expected to fight for points. However, his preparations went down the drain as soon as Russia declared war on Ukraine in March. Haas canceled their sponsorship with Uralkali, which was owned by Mazepin’s father.

As soon as Uralkali left, Mazepin’s contract was also terminated. This did not upset fans in general since the Russian driver was not very popular among them. He lost out on his place in F1, and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll return to the sport in the near future. However, it seems like the 23-year-old has found a new hobby he is enjoying to his fullest.

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F1 Twitter reacts to pictures of Nikita Mazepin being a DJ

Mazepin tried a few local racing ventures since leaving F1, but he has completely faded away from the spotlight. He also launched a foundation of his own, which aimed towards protecting athletes who were unfairly removed from their position because of political reasons. The latter did not gain much attention or empathy from the international audience.

Recently, Mazepin tried out something new away from the world of sports or racing. Fans on Twitter shared pictures of the Moscow-born driver playing the role of a DJ at a party. The former F1 driver was often spotted at parties even before he lost his place in the sport.

F1 Twitter, however, made fun of Mazepin, remining everyone just how unpopular he was with the general public.

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Haas’ promising season set for disappointing finish

In the early stages of the season, it seemed like Haas had finally found their mojo. Their 2021 campaign was disastrous with both drivers finishing point-less, but the returning Kevin Magnussen took them to a P5 finish at the season opener in Bahrain this march.

They were constantly fighting for points in the first half this season. However, they massively fell of the pace after the winter break. They are currently P8 in the Drivers’ Standings with 36 points, one more than AlphaTauri with two races to go.

While this has been an improvement over 2021, the Kannapolis-based outfit will still feel disappointed considering their start to the year.



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