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Get on Lewis Hamilton’s Music Taste With These Recommendations From F1 Champ

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Get on Lewis Hamilton's Music Taste With These Recommendations From F1 Champ

Think about Lewis Hamilton and a plethora of fields emerge aside from the F1 world that he excels in – including the field of music. The British driver has always been a music aficionado and has even featured in a music video alongside Christina Aguillera as rapper ‘XNDA.’ Hence, it is only fitting to ask the Briton for suggestions of songs for a road trip.

Maximilian Chester, otherwise known on Instagram as ‘Pwuf Talks Cars,’ was in Monaco ahead of the famous Grand Prix to visit the unveiling of the Mercedes Mythos. Here, the influencer met with Lewis Hamilton and asked him about his favorite road trip song. 

“Move b*tch, get out the way (chuckles). Unless you’re cruising along, and it’s a slow thing. Then you put on Bob Marley.”, replied Hamilton.

Notably, these songs aren’t the 39-year-old’s only suggestions. Over on Spotify, the #44 driver has as many as seven public playlists for his fans to enjoy. Each playlist carries a different vibe to it, ranging from “Chill Vibes” to “Train Hard.” The British driver doesn’t only look at music as a means of entertainment, but it is also an ‘escape’ for him when stress takes over. 

Music helped Lewis Hamilton deal with his stress

Spending most of the days out on the road, Lewis Hamilton rarely gets the time to pursue his hobbies. In March last year (as reported by GP Fans), the seven-time world champion got the first chance in over a year to record some music.

He uploaded a snippet of the same on his Instagram story, expressing his happiness. Following the story, he explained the significance behind the session. He revealed that he had taken a break from music to focus on other things.

However, a stressful season with Mercedes didn’t make things easy for him. Thus, after over 300 days of being on the road, getting back to the studio was a happy escape for Hamilton. He added that he will make a conscious effort to make more music, especially after the love XNDA received. 

Speaking about the alter-ego, Hamilton revealed that he didn’t reveal his identity sooner as he wanted people to listen to the music first. Additionally, there were certain insecurities also at play that led to him shying away. But it eventually turned out that he had nothing to worry about.

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Naman Gopal Srivastava

Naman Gopal Srivastava


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