“Headphones by Bose will be happy”– F1 Twitter trolls Toto Wolff as he takes off from Monaco GP because of lost voice

Tanish Chachra
|Published May 28, 2022

F1 Twitter trolls Toto Wolff for not appearing for the Monaco GP qualifying as he reportedly lost his voice and would be taking a leave.

Toto Wolff is among the most charismatic team principals on the grid, under whom, Mercedes have gone on to become one of the greatest teams of all time.

However, the Austrian would be taking an absence for the qualifying in Monaco GP 2022. The reports reveal that Wolff has apparently lost his voice this weekend, and would be not available to lead his team from the paddock.

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But F1 Twitter didn’t leave this chance to troll Wolff. Several F1 fans replied with witty lines that would surely leave even Wolff with a chuckle.

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Toto Wolff optimistic for 2022

Mercedes since the season beginning had an issue with bouncing. But with the new floor package in Spain, the effects became minimal. But now, as the surface of Monaco is once again creating bouncing, Wolff claims the car is fast but it’s undrivable with aero troubles and stiffness.

“It looks like our car performs because we were quick,” he told reporters. “Maybe not at the end when we were on the hard tyres and doing the long runs but overall I think it’s a good car. It’s just undriveable like this.”

Nevertheless, Mercedes have made significant strides in the season. The Spanish GP was a great example of how well Mercedes can run. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton had exceptional performances.

Though it was not enough to challenge Ferrari and Red Bull for the win, it displayed good signs. Though, Mercedes is having trouble in Monaco because of its narrow turns, and porpoising that it’s nearly undrivable.

The above-mentioned statement was reflected on their W13 during the Friday practice sessions. Now it remains to be seen what good Qualifying can do for them.

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