“I see Michael regularly we watch TV together”- Jean Todt on latest Michael Schumacher’s health

Tanish Chachra
|Published 01/11/2020

“I see Michael regularly we watch TV together”- Jean Todt on the latest updates of Michael Schumacher’s health with F1 legend still battling health issues.

Jean Todt keeping exclusive access to Michael Schumacher amidst all the people in the world, the FIA chief is able to give limited updates about Schumacher’s health.

In the recent statement by Todt, he has now claimed that he visits Michael regularly and also watch television with him regularly. Signalling that the 7-time World Champion is now much better than before.

“His fight continues, along with his family and doctors,” Todt told De Telegraaf newspaper. “I see Michael regularly. We watch TV together.”

But when asked if Schumacher is healthy enough to be aware of the successes of his 20-year-old son Mick, who looks set to make his F1 debut next year, Todt insisted: “I will not talk about it. I do not want to go into details because it is his private matter.”

Schumacher suffered a severe brain injury after a skiing accident in 2013. Since then, his family has not given any access of their private lives to the media, making him absent from the public view.

“Mick is a young talented driver”

As for Mick, and expectations that he might be able to reprise the successes of his father in Formula 1, Todt said: “Mick is a young, talented driver.

“He has a big name, but he will need time.  It’s too early to say if he has the talent of his father, or Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton.  We do not know it yet.”

Though it all seems like that Schumacher is set to place its second generation into the sport, and it is likely that Haas will offer him a seat for 2021 season.

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