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“I think Max will win”– Lando Norris believes Max Verstappen will win world title despite in deficit against Lewis Hamilton

Tanish Chachra

"I think Max will win"– Lando Norris believes Max Verstappen will win world title despite in deficit against Lewis Hamilton

“I think Max will win”– Lando Norris thinks Max Verstappen would finally conquer the world title despite facing a deficit against Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are in an intense competition for the championship; for most of the season so far, Verstappen was leading in the championship.

But in the last two races, Hamilton has managed to gain a lead over Verstappen of around eight points, but Lando Norris believes that the Dutchman will still conquer the championship.

“I think Max will win,” he states in conversation with Sky Italia. “The Mercedes seems a bit less consistent than Red Bull. Red Bull seem a bit more balanced, while the Mercedes either go fast or struggle. I would say Max, but it will be very close.”

However, Verstappen has a bigger predicament with half of the season to go, and his team has almost reached the power unit limit, which means he is set to have a grid penalty in any of the remaining 12 races to go, which gives a chance to hamilton to extract the most out of that race.

But Red Bull is determined to make a comeback and is looking forward to the next two races in Spa and Zandvoort.

Daniel Ricciardo is not far away.

This year Norris accompanied Daniel Ricciardo in McLaren, but in McLaren’s misfortune, the Australian didn’t start on an impressive note and still seems to struggle, but Norris believes he will get there.

“It’s interesting noticing as other drivers like Carlos Sainz at Ferrari are already back on the pace, Fernando Alonso as well with Alpine. I thought Daniel too would have been back on the pace at this time, but he’s not far away,” Norris said.

Meanwhile, Norris has been having a phenomenal season, where he scored in every race, except in Hungary, where he had to retire because of the damage he obtained in the Turn 1 carnage.

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