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“It Was Similar to Me”: Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull Reserve Liam Lawson Share Common Ground

Mahim Suhalka

"It Was Similar to Me": Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull Reserve Liam Lawson Share Common Ground

Many perceive Formula 1 as a rich man’s sport. For several drivers, rising through the ranks takes a hefty investment starting from karting. This puts all F1 hopefuls possessing the talents and desire but not the financial prowess at a serious disadvantage. This is what makes the achievements of Lewis Hamilton, Esteban Ocon, and everyone else not as financially secure, commendable. Liam Lawson also went through the same during his rise and resonates with Hamilton.

Discussing his struggles on the Red Flags podcast, Lawson revealed how his karting gear was once stolen. Before his first F4 season even began, his father’s newly bought expensive RV was also stolen. The 22-year-old also revealed his parents sold their house to support his racing career.

Despite these setbacks, the Kiwi did not back down and let his obvious talents go to waste. In this aspect of his life, he could relate to Lewis Hamilton which he was made aware of via his book. “I read Lewis’ book when I was a kid and I learned basically about how he sort of came up and it was similar to me I guess,” said Lawson.

It is common knowledge that the Mercedes man faced similar struggles as his father worked two jobs to support his racing career. Despite their best efforts, the Brit was helped by McLaren’s support. These struggles made Hamilton the champion he is today. Lawson has faced a somewhat similar rise through the ranks.

Both of them had to grow out of the ‘why don’t we have the best like the rest’ mindset and make the most of what was available. Now, the Red Bull reserve driver is proving perseverance pays off. This is exactly what Lewis Hamilton has always tried to preach.

Liam Lawson reveals how the financial troubles impacted his performance

The financial impact can be felt starting from karts in anyone’s journey to the pinnacle of motorsport. The better the kart, the faster it is, and the better the results. However, Liam Lawson did not have the luxury of affording the best kart. He proved this understanding by revealing his output in the first two years.

Lawson said, “My first couple of years in go-karts, I finished last in every single race. I was at the very back of the field every single time. My dad actually thought I s**ked.” So, after two years of complaining, his father gave in and bought two very good go-kart motors, and that had an instant impact.

In the first race, after putting on the expensive engine, the New Zealander qualified on pole position. His life changed from that moment on as his father started believing in him. More importantly, a young Lawson became serious. This was his reward for his continued patience and dedication despite two miserable years.

He is practicing the same level of patience and dedication while waiting for his second chance in the circus. Lawson feels he is in a much better position to secure a full-time drive in F1. So, the 22-year-old is biding his time after having raced at V-CARB last season.

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