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Kevin Magnussen’s Daughter Leaves Fans Smitten as She Directs Her Dad to Sign Autograph

Aishwary Gaonkar

Kevin Magnussen’s Daughter Leaves Fans Smitten as She Directs Her Dad to Sign Autograph

Kevin Magnussen brought his daughter, Laura, to the 2024 Monaco GP weekend and she stole the show with her adorable act ahead of race day. As the Haas driver was walking in the paddock with her, a fan was calling him for an autograph. Magnussen did not hear the fan but Laura did and tugged on his shirt to make him sign that autograph.

Fans on Twitter (now X) are left smitten by Magnussen‘s daughter’s adorable gesture. Laura was on a mini scooter and looked quite cute, as she has been supporting her father at several races she has attended. Even the Danish driver was smiling while signing the autograph.

Here are some of the reactions of fans adoring and showering love on Magnussen’s sweet daughter.

Magnussen has been driving to secure his future for the 2025 season, with his Haas contract ending this year. So, fans would certainly miss Laura’s sweet presence if her father misses out on getting a seat for next year.

Born in January 2021, Laura is three years old and started attending F1 races last year. Magnussen and his family create the perfect family vibe in Haas’ garage, as the Dane often sees his daughter interested in his activities during a race weekend.

However, Laura would be a bit unhappy ahead of the Monaco GP race, as Magnussen has got a disqualification owing to an irregularity on the Haas cars. So, it would be quite difficult for the #20 driver to score points in the Principality.

What happened with Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg’s disqualification in Monaco?

Haas had a bit of an underwhelming qualifying at the Monaco GP, qualifying in P12 and P15. To make matters worse, both Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg got disqualified due to the DRS adjustable elements of their rear wing being outside of the permissible limits.

While it may not have given them a huge gain, it was a breach of Article 3.10.10.h of the technical regulations and the stewards had to disqualify both cars. Besides, Article 1.3.3 of the International Sporting Code makes the performance advantage due to such breaches “irrelevant”, according to

Even Haas admitted that they had made this adjustment for the Monaco GP weekend and accepted the repercussions. However, this meant that both Hulkenberg and Magnussen would start the race from the pitlane, after the team made further changes to their cars, in compliance with the FIA technical team.

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