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“Lando Norris Had a Shocker”: David Croft Mocks McLaren Star Over Two Slapstick Moments After Chinese GP

Vidit Dhawan

“Lando Norris Had a Shocker”: David Croft Mocks McLaren Star Over Two Slapstick Moments After Chinese GP

Lando Norris had an outstanding end to the Chinese Grand Prix weekend, finishing second during the main race. While the Briton was flawless on the track, his errors off track were “a shocker,” according to David Croft. The F1 expert has mocked Norris for not only parking his car in the wrong spot after the race but also for wearing the wrong hat on the podium.

Since Norris finished the race in Shanghai in second, he should have parked beside Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, who finished on the podium alongside him. However, the Briton ended up parking his car in the pitlane. It then got worse for the 24-year-old as instead of wearing the P2 hat, he wore the P3 hat on the podium.

F1 experts discussed Norris’ errors on the most recent episode of the Sky Sports F1 podcast. Christian Hewgill began by claiming that he would not trust an F1 driver to park after watching what happened with Norris.

Croft then mocked the McLaren driver by adding, “Lando Norris had a shocker at the Chinese Grand Prix because he parked in the wrong place and picked up the wrong hat as well. This was his eighth second place. You think he would be used to picking up a hat with a number two on it“.

Croft then ended his remarks by claiming that Norris perhaps does not enjoy finishing second, which is why he chose to pick up the P3 hat instead. It is pertinent to note that this is not the first time that the 24-year-old has made a mistake on the podium.

Lando Norris once broke Max Verstappen’s trophy

Lando Norris arguably made his greatest error on the podium last year in Hungary. After finishing the Hungarian GP in second, he was excited and decided to perform his iconic pop-up champagne celebration.

However, it all went wrong for him. While popping up the champagne, the McLaren star mistakenly touched Max Verstappen’s trophy and broke it.

Since the Dutchman is a good friend of Norris, the duo laughed at what happened. However, Verstappen did get his trophy back, as the Hungarian GP organizers were kind enough to make a replacement for him.

The trophy, made of handmade porcelain, was exceptional and very expensive—a whopping $44,500. Verstappen asked Norris to pay for the damages the Briton caused to his special trophy.

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