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Lewis Hamilton “Can Hit Notes” But Public Perception Is Stopping Him From Dropping Much-awaited Album

Vidit Dhawan

Lewis Hamilton "Can Hit Notes" But Public Perception Is Stopping Him From Dropping Much-awaited Album

Alongside being arguably one of the greatest F1 drivers in history, Lewis Hamilton is also a good singer. The 39-year-old famously rapped for a song, Pipe, by American singer Christina Aguilera under the pseudonym, XNDA. Hamilton decided to use a pseudonym because he felt “insecure” about his singing. However, according to his singer-songwriter friend, Eric Bellinger, the British driver “can hit notes” well. Bellinger believes that it is only the public perception that is stopping Hamilton from releasing his own songs.

In a recent interview, the interviewer told Bellinger how desperate he is to hear Hamilton sing. He then asked the singer-songwriter why is Hamilton hesitant to release his songs, and whether he “can hit notes”.

In reply, Bellinger said, “He can hit notes. I don’t know why he don’t be dropping the song. I think, I don’t know how his fans like take it”.

Bellinger believes that since Hamilton is known for his racing, his fans may want him to stick to just that. However, Bellinger fails to understand why the Briton cannot also sing alongside his racing career.

The singer-songwriter believes that the seven-time F1 champion has qualities that are far greater than just being a racer. As a result, Bellinger is eager to see Hamilton showcase to his fans how well he can sing by releasing a song.

Why does Lewis Hamilton not release his songs?

In another interview, Lewis Hamilton revealed that he enjoys “making music” when he is free during weekends. He stated that whenever he travels, he usually carries along his laptop and a couple of speakers, and usually writes something.

Since Hamilton enjoys producing music, it begs the question of why he does not release his own songs. The 39-year-old once explained the reasoning for the same via an Instagram post back in 2020.

Hamilton wrote, “The goal was to have the music come out under a different name so that you could hear the music first and later know it was me but it didn’t work out the way I’d planned. I shied away from acknowledging it was me. I don’t know why. Maybe insecurities, fear, overthinking, something I think many people can relate to”.

He then confirmed that XNDA was indeed him. Since fans are now aware that Hamilton can sing, the Briton is often asked during press conferences whether he will ever showcase his talents to his fellow drivers and his supporters.

However, so far, Hamilton has been hesitant, but things could change when he joins Charles Leclerc at Ferrari in 2025. The Monegasque has made it clear that he is keen to collaborate with Hamilton in producing some music.

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