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Lewis Hamilton coaches $35 billion company’s CEO on how to drive around COTA

Tanish Chachra

Lewis Hamilton coaches $35 billion company's CEO on how to drive around COTA

Lewis Hamilton coaches Crowdstrike CEO George Kurtz on how to drive around COTA, even though the latter has experience with the track.

The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton joined Crowdstrike’s CEO George Kurtz to drive around the Circuit of the Americas. It’s the home of the US Grand Prix, where F1 teams will vie this weekend.

Over the circuit, the Mercedes superstar and Kurtz drove around the Mercedes AMG GT, also used as a safety car in F1. Initially, Hamilton was impressed by Kurtz’s driving and was shocked when he thought the latter would hit him but didn’t.

Hamilton later learnt that Kurtz has experience in GT racing, and only a week before his meet with the seven-time world champion, he raced in COTA.

After this, Kurtz and Hamilton sat in one GT car and drove around the COTA. First, it was Kurtz’s turn, and during that, Hamilton pointed out some improvement notes for the $35 billion company’s CEO.

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Lewis Hamilton coaches Kurtz

In the second round, hamilton took the wheel, and as soon as he started driving, he asked whether he could give feedback to Kurtz. With no hesitation, Kurtz asked Hamilton to let him know where he could improve, as it was arguable the best F1 driver who was coaching him.

“You’re very tense, like you holding on pretty stiff,” said Hamilton. “And I’ve noticed your braking is great, you’re a mega at braking zones. One thing I’ve noticed that your minimum speed is down and your exit speed got a very heavy foot, and it’s very heavy enough.”

Hamilton continued on the second point by stating that Kurtz put a lot of weight on his left tyre while turning on a corner. He further advises creating space on his right to have a better exit from the left.

Riding the 2021 beast

After this segment, Kurtz drove a couple of lap around a Formula 1 car, as the main purpose of these drives were to prepare him to drive an F1 car. And it will be none other than the Mercedes W12, which won the last year’s championship.

Kurtz gave an impressive performance with the F4 car after getting some tips from former F1 driver Anthony Davidson. The video next shows Hamilton going out with his W12 on the COTA track to set a benchmark for Kurtz.

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With this, the video ends with a promise of another video, where Kurtz will drive the famous W12 at the COTA. Now it only remains to be seen how he’ll perform.

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