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Lewis Hamilton Compliments Fan’s Outfit While Hinting at His Own Chinese GP Outfit

Somin Bhattacharjee

Lewis Hamilton Compliments Fan’s Outfit While Hinting at His Own Chinese GP Outfit

Lewis Hamilton, F1’s biggest fashion icon is known to arrive for races in style. Always dressed at his best, Hamilton also appreciates people around him who take an interest in fashion, including his fans. Ahead of the Chinese GP weekend, the seven-time world champion did just that.

A video of Hamilton surfaced on social media, where a fan approached him to talk about what he was wearing. The fan loved the Mercedes driver’s outfit and complimented it, but he downplayed it by saying, “Thank you. I’m casual. Just casual.” Hamilton then added that the fans looked great in what they were wearing. “No, it’s just polo & Gucci, just.,” the fan began to deem the Briton’s outfit as “very stylish”.

“Just! Very stylish!” Hamilton responded.

Hamilton’s comments on the fans’ outfits made them very happy, and they returned the favor by complimenting his Louis Vuitton clothing. To this, the 39-year-old asked the fans to keep an eye out for his outfit this race weekend. At the Chinese GP, the world could witness Hamilton wearing something special.

Hamilton has always been a fan of fashion. He believes in the idea of letting people wear whatever they want, and has worked tirelessly in the industry to elevate designers from underprivileged backgrounds. For his contributions to fashion and his love for the field, he has also been recognized on the global stage.

How Lewis Hamilton decides his outfits

Over the years, Lewis Hamilton has turned several heads while arriving to the paddock ahead of a race weekend. But the Stevenage-born driver doesn’t just choose an outfit out of the blue. He has a special way of deciding what to wear, and to which race.

“It’s depending on country to country, the climate. Also which season we’re in, in terms of fashion week,” he said to GQ.

Hamilton also spoke about the need to look after up-and-coming fashion designers. He wants to create a platform for them, so that they can shine on the global stage.

Lewis Hamilton’s outfits are flashy and at times, expensive. But the Brit, who is deeply in love with the world of fashion, doesn’t mind going all-out in showcasing the same. As Hamilton revealed, he has something cool for the upcoming race weekend in China as well.

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